Other Worlds - A year, a month and a week of adventures and photography

Other Worlds - A year, a month and a week of adventures and photography

Unusual stories, told by photographer Ana Abrão, through series of unpublished photographs and travel chronicles. In her book, the author brings us her travel experiences revea...

Unusual stories, told by photographer Ana Abrão, through series of unpublished photographs and travel chronicles. In her book, the author brings us her travel experiences revealing the unusual culture of other worlds, unknown to the majority of the western world.

One day, against all odds and social stimulus to acquire goods, I said to myself: "I am going to make the most of my savings!"

With a one-way ticket to Asia and without a defined route, I followed the flow of events, without plans, without dates or rules. I allowed myself to feel the freedom this decision gave me. India was my starting point then Nepal, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Borneo and Sulawesi. During a year, a month and a week, I went to places forgotten on the map. Therefore, because of going out of the beaten track, I lived unusual experiences, some surprising, some eccentric, yet, experiences that I will now share with you, allowing you a chance to experience the same view I lived.

Trecho extraído da Crónica "O Peso da Tradição"

This book was born spontaneously. It was written with goose bumps and had images selected and edited with the smile of someone that dreams without barriers or frontiers...

It contains 12 series of photographs, each one followed by a travel storytelling. Stories set in remote places and relate to my interaction with local people belonging to different ethnic minorities. Stories that I tell in the first person and images that show the great cultural diversity that is beyond the reach of the lenses from normal travelers.

"Me, a Xamã" conta a história de um ritual xamamico nas montanhas do Vietname.

This crowdfunding campaign has two important purposes: to implement a pre-sale system, temporarily bypassing the restrictions imposed by the pandemic that prevent me from promoting launch events in closed spaces; and, still, to guarantee, with the pre-sale, the amount I still need for the book production to be successfully completed;

Buy a book or offer one to a friend who loves photography or enjoys travelling, or who is fond of other cultures.

Trecho extraído da Crónica "O Ritual do Fogo"

About the author

I believe that I can change the world through my photographs!

Família da etnia Charan (India), orgulhosos por entrar na mesma fotografia que a fotógrafa. :-)

Over the years, I traveled around the world, photographing hundreds of women, men and children, mostly belonging to ethnic minorities, who live in distant places, unknown to tourism. More and more, I feel that human relationships and kindness are very important attributes and the decisive factor that makes my experiences so fulfiling. So I look for genuine people and connections.

Tradições que prevêem-se serem perdidas ao longo do tempo...

Gradually, I ended up discovering a very particular way of traveling and producing photographic material with originality and, at the same time, deeply meaningful to me. These are unusual, yet rich experiences that, from now on, I will share with you.

Come, be part of this project! :-)

Biographical Note
Ana Abrão, graduated in Psychology and PhD in Psychology / Informatics, has been a professional photographer for over 13 years, after reducing her investment in the career of an university teacher. She represents Portugal in international photography competitions, having received several awards (18 medals and 60 honorable mentions) and, occasionally, participates in photography salons as a member of the panel of juries (national and international). She is recognized as “Excellence” in photographic art by the Photographic Society of America , in addition to “Artist” and “Excellence” by the European association International Federation of Photographic Art . Recently, she was awarded in one of the most prestigious international competitions, Travel Photography of the Year , where she had an image chosen from over 20,000 participating images. Currently, she is the representative of the Photographic Society of America , in Portugal.

Budget and due dates

The amount I, herewith, ask for, in this campaign corresponds to about 40% of the budget for the preparation, production and discloser of the book and is only a small part of what is necessary for the project's implementation to be successful. The remaining 60% needed will be guaranteed by an investor and me.

The total value raised in this campaign, will be used for the producing a hard cover colored book, (with dust jacket), size 30x20cm, 144 pages.


Total Budget € 9,200

- Cover and back cover design
- Revision of the text
- Design
- Cover
- Advertising and promotional material
- Book printing + transport
- Rewards
- Commission costs of 5% of PPL + VAT
- Payment system fees 2% + VAT



November - Launch of the pre- campaign through the PPL.

December - Production and delivery of rewards (prints) made until 5th of December.

January - Production and sending of books to supporters. Sending the remaining rewards.



The more funds I raise, the greater the chance of getting these stories to other countries. If this campaign exceeds the target amount, the extra resources will be used to pay for the services of a qualified Portuguese-English translator to take the book outside Portugal in the next step. Therefore, each contribution is very important!


All forms of disclosure are especially important to help me continue. Please share my story with your friends who like photography or travel. You can do this, using the sharing buttons at the top of this page.

Thank you! :-)

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