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    Start with your family, friends and colleagues. Then try to reach people that share your passion: they will very likely love your idea and will want your perks.

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    PPL is simple and transparent. Non-social projects are "all or nothing" (see why) and you only pay a fee if you fund your project. You have nothing to lose, submit your campaign now!

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    We have tons of resources in the Academy and in our FAQ. Most importantly, we offer personalized support to every campaign owner. We answer within 24 hours.

  • It's fair.
    Your success is our success. Fees? Only if you reach your goal.

    We follow the "all or nothing" model. If you are able to raise 100% or more of your target, we'll charge you a success fee of 5% (+VAT) and a payments fee (2,5%) for the payment providers. If you don't reach your goal, your backers are refunded and no fees are charged for anyone.

  • It's quick
    If your campaign is funded, PPL transfers the funds within 2 work days. Get to it!

    As soon as the campaign finishes you can take the next steps to make your project come true: you will get your funds within 48 hours after you send us your IBAN.

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  • It's easy.
    Open the campaign page, click on Support and follow the instructions

    Backing new projects was never this easy! Whether you're investing in a visionary entrepreneur, a promise in the fashion world or a talented documentary director, PPL lets you be part of the adventure and support projects that might otherwise be very difficult to accomplish.

  • It's fair.
    Create your account for free. If the campaign you supported is not funded you get your money back, no fees.

    You have no excuse. If the campaign you wanted to come true did not raise enough funds, you will get your money back. If it's a social cause, you have the option to transfer the funds to the campaign owner, regardless of the outcome of the campaign.

  • It's rewarding.
    Your support will make the difference and bring an idea to life. Plus, you get a perk!

    According to the amount you pledge and depending on the generosity and creativity of the campaign owner, you might simply get a "thank you" or a unique and exclusive reward. For example, if you support the edition of a book, a character might be named after you (why not?). If you back a music band, you might be able to join them at their concerts!

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You've read this far and still have doubts? No problemo.

PPL has prepared answers to the most frequent questions.

Frequently asked questions
We funded our second campaign so far. PPL team is always responsive and helfpul. We got useful tips throughout the campaign and the functionalities come in handy (announcements, backers list...)

Associação Aprender e Agir

Projecto Darte

I loved the experience, mainly because you are so accessible, humane and comprehensive. Keep up the excellent work.

Bora La Viseu

Vamos ajudar a Mafalda

A wonderful team, you're fantastic. Many thanks.

Sandra Guerreiro

Vamos ajudar o André Guerreiro

Everything went smoothly. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support. You were very important in the accomplishment of this dream.

Anabela Ribeiro Barreto

Moagem do Linho

As a campaign owner with my first campaign, I can tell you were impeccable. I always felt supported, you were always accessible and the platform is well organized, detailed and understandable. Thank you

Carla Isabel

Uma casa em Inharrime

I loved my first experience in this platform! Congratulations for everything!

Beatriz Oliveira

Grupo de Dança de Beatriz Oliveira

The support from the PPL team was excellent from the beginning until the end of the process. There's no other way to classify it.

Ipsum Home


Very professional and credible platform. Simple to use. The provided support during the campaign was exemplary.

Sara Alhinho

Novo CD Sara Alhinho

Even though my campaign was not fully funded, the experience was very positive. My timing was probably not the best due to the summer holidays. I gained many contacts, possible partnerships and new ideas. Thank you again for all your help, support and responsiveness, I felt cherished during the process. Congratulations for your platform and for inspiring dreams and ambitions!

Maria Freitas

Criação da Estimei