Canais PPL

Channels are specific areas in PPL that gather campaigns from the same scope. They work as a super-category and can have specific rules (eg.: matchfunding) or belong to the same entity (eg.: competitions, entrepreneurship programmes). You can check here our most popular channels.

Livros de Ontem

Crowdpublishing = crowdfunding + publishing

Livros de Ontem is an indepentent publisher, specialized in scouting and publishing new Portuguese authors.

Through crowdpublishing, we give you the opportunity to actively participate in the publishing process and get exclusive rewards!

Livros de Ontem funds 10% of the amount requested and reinvests 5% of the amount raised in other crowdfunding projects.


Negócios Sociais Fundação EDP

The EDP Foundation is one of the main private investors in the Social Economy in Portugal.

In a Solidarity-based Economy, the notion and practice of social entrepreneurship and sustainability are fundamental for the development and survival of social organisations, and to foment rigorous standards of assessment of the impact of social investment.

The EDP Foundation team is on the lookout for new ideas that provide solutions to concrete social problems and, at the same time, have business potential.

The EDP Foundation crowdfunding channel exists to meet the investment challenges of these Solidarity-based Businesses. In this regard, a group of Solidarity-based Businesses, previously analysed and screened, present projects that are viable for co-financing by the EDP Foundation for collaborative financing.

PPL Causes

PPL Causes is a section in PPL exclusively dedicated to social causes.

Funds to finance humanitarian causes, school tuitions, medical expenses, equipment for social institutions, animal protection and more can be raised through this channel.

This channel also follows the "all or nothing" rule, although supporters can choose to donate even if the goal is not reached by the end of the deadline!