Create a good pitch

If you want to have success raising funds for your project, you need to plan and promote it carefully. Here are some guidelines on how to do it. Please read them before submitting an application to PPL.


Set a realistic target

Make sure you set a reasonable target. Put yourself in the shoes of your potential backers and take a look at other similar projects.

  1. How large is your family and friends network? How likely will they support you and with what amounts? Generic statistics mention that about 30% to 40% of the funds come from a close circle of people. After all, if friends and family do not support your project, what will anonymous people think about it?
  2. Are you a member of groups or organizations from the same topic as your project? Start promoting it in this circles.
  3. Make your pitch as attractive and appealing as possible and offer unique and fun rewards to your supporters.
  4. You can raise more funds than the initial target. If you can raise more than you asked for, great! You have exceeded the expectations. Conversely, if you overstate the initial target and fail to achieve it before the due date, all funds will return back to their owners.


Create a powerful pitch

Be honest and clear about what you want to do. Tell an interesting and inspiring story. Other people's time is precious. Transmit your idea in a simple and clear way, that captures their attention. Don't try to explain every detail in the two minute video! If you can capture the public's interest, each person will want to know more. They will read the remaining information and even contact you.

Explain what sets your project apart and why do you need the funding for.

Create a short video about the project. Put some effort on it. It is worth it! This is a crucial opportunity to convince your future backers! Be creative and have fun. The more appealing the video is, the most likely it can become viral and be shared and re-tweeted!


Spread the word

You need to work hard to create a solid project and a lot of drive and enthusiasm to promote it. Nurture the idea and don't waste any opportunity to tell people what you are doing. You really need to promote the project! Publish it once on facebook and send some emails to your friends is not enough.

Promote it among your friends and relatives. Convince them to help you spreading the message. Remember that each supporter is also a great communication vehicle because they have the same interest as you do: get your project funded and get the reward.

For increased chances of success, use social networks, groups, communities, organizations to promote your project next to potential investors.


Offer rewards

In this crowdfunding model, you have to offer perks to your supporters.

Propose fun rewards to capture people's attention and create buzz around your project. Be creative! You will have more success if you can think of exclusive or unique rewards. They can be tangible or intangible but they really need to mean something to backers, if you want them on your side.

The sexier the rewards the easier it is to get funded. And please don't make the choice complicated. You should set different ranges but up to a maximum of six. Having a complete menu of 20 different rewards will not bring you more backers. In fact, it is counterproductive. Simplify your life and the life of potential supporters.


Keep people involved and up to date

Make people feel it is also their project. Keep them up-to-date with the latest news and make your project dynamic. Updates can keep people's interest and give them reasons to share the idea for you, specially once the goal is near!


Show gratitude

It might seem obvious but it is important to say thank you to each and every contributor.


Read our knowledge base

We have prepared a complete guide with tips and suggestions about creating and managing campaigns in our Knowledge Base (only in Portuguese).


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