"Mens Sana" - collection of short stories
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"Mens Sana" - collection of short stories

"Mens Sana" is a collection of short stories inspired by madness and insanity that joins 8 new writers.

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"Mens Sana" is a collection of short stories inspired by madness and insanity that joins 8 new writers.

 "Mens Sana" is a collection of short stories inspired by the madness and the boundaries between insanity and sanity of the human mind, which brings together 8 new writers. The main objective of this publication is to raise awareness of the issues of mental health and combat the stigma that still prevails in society.

Livros de Ontem publishing house is pleased to invite you to participate in the publishing of this work through crowdfunding contributions that, in this case, act as a pre-purchase of the book and give access to unique and exclusive offerings such as the inclusion of your name in the printed version.


Mens Sana

NOTE: The book has the value of 12 € during crowdfunding campaign and 14 € after closing the same.

Stretch goal

If we get 1000€ we will print 300 books.

If we get 1500€ we will print 500 books.


Livros de Ontem publication. 

Short Stories by Ana Costa, André Pinto, Cláudia Dias, Eduardo Duarte, Luísa Fresta, Márcia Costa, Mariela Jung, Vírginia Antunes.

Jury Samuel Pimenta (President), João Batista, Maria Azenha, Miguel Miranda.

Editing and proofreading by João Batista | Livros de Ontem.

Cover and pagination by Nádia Amante | Livros de Ontem.

1st edition limited to 200 copies. 

All copies are numbered.





About the author

Established by the Portuguese Province of the Hospitaller Order of St. John of God, St. John of God Foundation supports people in vulnerable situations , in an innovative and sustainable way , promoting mental health and active aging.

The Hospitaller Order of St. John of God is now present in 50 countries on five continents, with about 400 apostolic works (hospitals, clinics, centers, humanitarian missions in developing countries). Having received as an inheritance the charism of hospitality, the Brothers of St. John of God follow the example of the founder, accompanied by professional staff and nearly 8,000 volunteers who annually attend about 17 million people.

Budget and due dates

Through Crowdpublishing, Livros de Ontem publishing house has the opportunity to develop the work of new authors, risk new concepts and improve writers remuneration.

Thus, Livros de Ontem publishing house does not make any direct profit from Crowdpublishing campaigns. All funds raised are intended to the production of books and improving the sustainability of our operation.

Thanks for being part of this process and help improve the publication of books in Portugal.

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    Acknowledgment printed inside the book

    We will include your name or a name at your will in the end of the book, in a page created specifically for this purpose. Ever thought that if these authors win a Nobel your name will be printed on a 1st edition of one of their books? You can see in the images attached an example of this reward.

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    Previous reward + book

    You are entitled to a copy of the printed, numbered and signed book. We will ensure that you receive comfortably in your home the first copys of the series. Delivery fees are on us! Will save you € 2 on the price of the book and still get everything that is included in the previous rewards.

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    Previous reward + Ebook

    You are entitled to the Ebook (pdf. version) to read and reread completely free. You can copy the file, save it to your computer, tablet, smartphone or Ereader. Ideal for those who like the convenience of new technologies. Also receives all that is included in the previous rewards.

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    Previous reward + 1 more printed book

    In addition to all previous rewards, receive 1 additional printed book to offer your loved ones. Ideal for sharing good literature.

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    Previous reward + 1 Livros de Ontem book

    Receives all the fantastic rewards presented above and can also take home a copy of any of our books. Ideal for those who want to discover the best of what is written in Portuguese.

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    Previous reward + Creative writing course

    You are a book lover! Come learn how they are written. We offer you a creative writing course taught by João Batista, writer and editor in chief of Livros de Onte. The course is equivalent to the introduction module and will be held in Lisbon. Also receive all previous rewards. The course is in portuguese.

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