A house is a mountain is a hat
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A house is a mountain is a hat

This is an accessible book about “the house”. It has colors and relief, large letters and text in Braille to be read also by children who are blind or have low vision.

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This is an accessible book about “the house”. It has colors and relief, large letters and text in Braille to be read also by children who are blind or have low vision.

This book is for children between 6 and 10 years old - at the beginning of learning to read, visual communication, and the systematic study of the physical and cultural environment. We want it to be available to all of them, at school, in the library or in a bookstore.

Talk about...
the house that protects
the personality of the house
the components of the house
how the house works
The context and place of the house
The different types of houses
The houses of the world, and
The imagined house.

The Lisbon Architecture Triennale is making a book about architecture for all the little ones. A book to see, read and feel in different ways. Just as architecture is not just for seeing, but for living! - is present everywhere and in every moment of our lives.

With the help of Prateleira-de-Baixo , we discovered funny albums that show the architecture in different ways. We found that, in the national territory, the offer of appealing books for blind or low vision children is very scarce and they are almost never found in a bookstore.

We got to work and wrote history. The illustrations are by Planeta Tangerina and the tactile design by Locus Acesso . With easy-to-understand language, the book introduces children to notions about the built environment, and is a tool for raising awareness in the family or school environment. This book also supports learning to read tactile images for the formation of a visual culture for blind children.

An accessible, tactile book is very expensive to produce, at the cost of embossing techniques. This is also why they are rare. Partial funding from the Directorate-General for the Arts proved to be insufficient to be able to offer affordable prices for the public and offer copies to institutions and schools of reference in the field of vision.

That's the reason for our appeal to your support, so that in a bookstore the PVP doesn't exceed 30€ or even lower.

- -

How it is composed:

- To better be read with the hands, the format of the book is A4 to the bottom;
- It has 40 pages, including cover, guards and inside;
- The sheets are made of quality solid paper, pleasant to the eye and to the touch experience, for good engraving of Braille and stamping the textured relief;
- In the guards and inside, 19 pages are of text in an enlarged accessible font and in Braille, and 19 are of illustrations with contrasted colors, so that the shapes are distinct, to which the illustrations in high relief are superimposed, for reading by touch ;
- The cardboard cover, printed in color, also has high relief and Braille. The sheets are collated with a double metal spiral on the spine for easy handling.

The print run is 1500 copies.

- -

Thinking and practicing visual and tactile illustration, to communicate architecture, is a tremendous and exciting challenge. And this is an ambitious project that will bring to Portugal the State of the Art of tactile book production. May it be a step for many!

Be part of this mission and support this cause with your donation towards the production of this accessible book about architecture for children. Thank you!

About the author

Lisbon Architecture Triennale
We are a non-profit organization that has existed since 2007. Our mission is to stimulate and promote the thinking and practice of architecture.

Every three years, we hold a forum for debate, reflection and dissemination that crosses disciplinary and geographical boundaries. We also offer an annual program with a cycle of conferences, events at Palácio Sinel de Cordes, the Open House Lisbon, along with special projects such as the Portuguese Representation at international events.

more info trienaldelisboa.com

At the Educational Service , we design and implement mediation activities and learning tools for literacy in architectural culture. We do it transversally to continuous programming and with specific projects in a logic of offering lifelong learning.

We work with the awareness that architecture is an element of cohesion, which conditions or enhances our experiences. With challenges and ludo-pedagogical elements, we seek to stimulate critical thinking, enable creative expression and promote active participation in the construction of a dignified, sustainable and accessible built environment for everyone.

Our team is made up of professionals in the field of architecture with experience in education, cultural mediation and scientific research.

Our partners in the design of the book :

The publisher and studio Planeta Tangerina is a Portuguese independent publisher, mainly dedicated to the publication of illustrated albums that seek to challenge the traditional formulas of children's literature. It won the award for "Best Publisher" at the LER/Booktailors Awards (2009) and the BOP Award for "Best European Children's Publisher" at the Bologna International Children's Book Fair (2013), among others. Planeta Tangerina has already launched more than 60 titles, most of which are recommended by the National Reading Plan, and has publications translated in more than 30 countries.

Locus Acesso is an agency committed to improving accessibility for people with physical and cognitive disabilities in public and private spaces, focusing on the areas of education, culture and tourism. With more than 20 years of experience in the area of cultural accessibility. Together with the institutions, it produces accessibility diagnoses and action plans, training actions in the care of people with disabilities, creation of activities, exhibitions and accessible tactile materials.

Budget and due dates

Research, design and accessibility, editing, communication and distribution
Sub-Total: €26,926.20

Graphic production
1500 copies
A4 format (297x210 mm)

Color printing, finishing and assembly
€10,750.00 + VAT

High relief coinage (21 illustrations)
(estimated average matrix value per illustration €500.00 + VAT)
€10,500.00 + VAT

Braille printing
€225.00 + VAT

production cost: €21,475.00
23% VAT: €4,939.25
Sub-Total production: €26,414.25

shipments ∼ €750.00
extra rewards ∼ €350.00
PPL fee ∼ €400.00
Sub-Total campaign: €1,500.00

TOTAL:  54,840.45 €

- -

April / May 2022
- Finalization of color illustrations and
- Conception of tactile illustrations and vectorization
- Crowdfunding campaign
- Minting tests

May / June 2022
- Graphic production (*)

June / July 2022
- Book launch, distribution of copies and rewards (*)

(*) dates may be affected by delays in paper supply caused by the crisis in distribution chains

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