BET stands for Bring Entrepreneurs Together. The organization’s mission is to promote entrepreneurship among young people, by providing the tools needed for the students from different areas to get together and turn their ideas into feasible projects.

After some hard work during BET24, 3 teams were selected as finalists, from both Challenge 1.0 and the Social Entrepreneurship Challenge.

In these two competitions, the teams will compete in this final elimination stage, with the winners taking home the final prize of 2000€, as well as the money earned through their crowdfunding campaigns.
The two competitions will last for 30 days, with the beginning date to be announced, and both have the goal of gathering 1000€.

Criteria for the contest:

  • Amount raised – 1 point for the team with the greatest amount of money gathered.
  • Nr of backers – 1 point to the team with the largest number of contributors.
  • Speed – 1 point to the teams which reach the minimum amount (1000€) and a minimum number of contributors (65 and 35 for Startup 1.0 and Social Entrepreneurship, respectively) first.

Note: If a tie occurs, the winner will be the team that has the biggest average amount per supporter. For this crowd funding contest, only contributions between 2€ and 250€ will be taken into account.