Nilson Dourado - "Silêncio"

Nilson Dourado - "Silêncio"

Pre-sales and crowdfunding campaign for the completion and release of the Silêncio album by Nilson Dourado

Pre-sales and crowdfunding campaign for the completion and release of the Silêncio album by Nilson Dourado

Hi! Glad you came here!


I will make a brief presentation about this project, which is so special to me, but which only makes sense if it also meet you.


Silêncio is an album of layers, matured in slow fire, in the alchemy of time without time. It is an album of songs that invites you to listen outside of this frenzy of the present day, where, in general, there is no time to listen or contemplate. Silêncio invites you to listen outside and look inside without losing sight of the horizon, the stars and the invisible.


Silêncio is my best version. This is where the various layers of me integrate into the being that I am . It's meditation, it's body, soul, sound, river path.


In the trajectory of making the album Silêncio, I had many important collaborations, from my family, inspiring and understanding the various demands in the process, to friends and fabulous musicians: Francisco Pellegrini, Walter Areia, Diogo Duque, Yedo Gibson, Raquel Reis, Susana Travassos, Tiganá Santana and Marília Shanuel who participated beautifully. I must also highlight the work of Sérgio Milhano from Ponto Zurca Recording Studio in Almada, who dealt with the excellent sound of the album throughout the recording and mixing process, without forgetting the capture of Tiganá's voice made in Brazil by Leonardo Mendes. The mastering was under the care of Frederico Cristiano at Mechanical Heart Mastering studio in Braga. Helena Gonçalves was the one who captured incredible images of the recording sessions and made with me this beautiful video teaser of the campaign presentation that you must have seen. And to close, in the final phase, the Spanish illustrator Elia Mervi conceived an absolutely fabulous and tuned art for the cover of this Silêncio of ours that is to come. This campaign and the album itself would have come out last year, 2020 (as quoted by Público's music critic, Nuno Pacheco, in the context of publicizing the pre-presentation concert of the album that took place at Casa Da Cerca in Almada and was broadcast on (online via the newspaper's Facebook in September 2020)* but some personal issues, as well as the whole context of the pandemic, made it impossible to proceed with the project.


Live Público*

Silêncio will be released in digital and physical format (CD and vinyl 12”) and I am very happy to be able to share all the affection and love that so many talented people have dedicated to this project that will very soon also become yours!


Now that you've watched the campaign presentation video, you've read this text to the end and seen the images, among other details... you already know me a little better and also this new project of mine. I think this is the best time to choose your favorite reward and become part of this story. You can also enjoy and share with friends and family, in addition to broadcasting this campaign on your social networks.

Thank you very much and see you soon!!!

Nilson Dourado

About the author

I am a musician, multi-instrumentalist, composer and music producer, from São Paulo/Brazil and I live in Sintra/Portugal, since 2011.


Music arrived in my life spontaneously, from a very early age, when I received a whole series of influences from my father's singing, with his repertoire of samba-canções, boleros and other folk brazilian songs and tunes, and from my older brother with his MPB (Brazilian Popular Music) repertoire always very eclectic and full of good taste, in addition to the classic and progressive rock auditions he presented me... and then came the classical guitar, the first songs, the voice studies, the percussion, the viola caipira (brazilian ten strings guitar)... and from then onwards a lifetime dedicated to music.


I graduated in 2005 in viola caipira guitar at EMESP School of Music of the State of São Paulo. There I had contact with great masters and met great friends. Even before completing the viola caipira course, I discovered the clarinet, an instrument that I decided to face as self-taught and became another passion, in addition to the electric guitar and bass that had already become part of the family.


In my journey I have collaborated or obtained collaborations between studios and stages with artists or groups such as Omstrab, Batakerê, Virgínia Rodrigues, Tiganá Santana, Susana Travassos, Luanda Cozetti, Pierre Aderne, Cristiana Águas, Eugenia Melo e Castro, Lia Paris, Celina Da Piedade , AF Diaphra, Rita Joana, Joana Amendoeira, Fred Martins, among many others. As a music producer I sign some productions of soundtracks for dance, theater, circus and documentaries, in addition to some albums produced by me or in co-productions in Brazil and Portugal. At this moment, I am part of the Rua Das Pretas project, collective led by composer Pierre Aderne, with whom we have worked intensively in the Lisbon and Portuguese scene in general, highlighting the series Rua Das Pretas Coliseu that followed the Portuguese public in 12 episodes on RTP during the first half of 2021.



In 2012 I independently released my first album called “Sabiá”*, where I present part of my universe as a multi-instrumentalist, composer and arranger, as well as my work as a songwriter. After so many years and with a whole new baggage of songs, I realized that some of these songs came from the same lineage and that they naturally integrated into the same meeting point, “Silêncio”.

EPK "Sabiá"* 


Thank you so much for being with me on this walk!


Now just choose your favorite reward and let's go together!


Ah! Don't forget to share with friends, family and on your social networks!


Musical greetings!!!

Nilson Dourado

Budget and due dates

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The deadlines and ways to deliver the rewards vary according to each reward chosen! Pay attention to the details and for any question or further information, please do not hesitate to communicate!

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