Caravana Doors goes to the United States

Caravana Doors goes to the United States

«The Doors Caravan» is a UNIQUE book distinguished by a deep research about The Doors roots, the highlights about the band in the Portuguese press – since the 60s until now- and...

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«The Doors Caravan» is a UNIQUE book distinguished by a deep research about The Doors roots, the highlights about the band in the Portuguese press – since the 60s until now- and...

«The Doors Caravan» is a UNIQUE book distinguished by a deep research about The Doors roots, the highlights about the band in the Portuguese press – since the 60s until now- and the influence of The Doors Art in the Portuguese culture. For the first time, all the books conception happened in UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) where The Doors members (Jim Morrison and Ray Manzarek) graduate in Film.

In this book you will find new photos (never seen before), interviews to Morrison’s and Manzarek’s film mates, description of the films that Ray have done in UCLA and all the others that Jim Morrison participate, interviews to notorious UCLA individuals, among them the legendary Chair of the UCLA Film School from Jim Morrison and Ray Manzarek era. Also a teacher who Jim Morrison appealed and presented the idea that gave rise to the name «The Doors», truly important 1964/65 UCLA newspaper articles and a bunch of rare and unique materials. As for the story of the Doors in the Portuguese press is factually illustrated since they emerged up to today. Several myths are broken, are introduced unknown realities, the reader will find a large amount of newspaper articles (several before April 25 1974, when Portugal reached Democracy) and several stories, fall of rumours, and many curiosities. The last part of the book is dedicated to interviews to Portuguese musicians, Portuguese poets and a Portuguese filmmaker and an actor (ex: the well known Joaquim de Almeida, who lives in LA).

Over 400 pages with exclusive stories, new stories, unique photos, rare and unpublished material and a series of debunking «urban myths» who were assumed from past decades. 

Because it is a book of direct association with the known and unknown reality of The Doors and because it is unique in the world, the prestigious UCLA (University of California Los Angeles) and UC Berkeley (São Francisco), are opening the doors to Rui Pedro Silva (the author and The Doors international researcher) to make known the result of this deep unique Portuguese research work in both US legendary campus .

Dear friends. Both invitations are a true honour and only happened because UCLA and Berkeley are aware of the book’s merits:  new information, new materials and because the depth of the research is unique in the world. This book is in Portuguese ( is unique and rare so will be great for The Doors fans and a great collector’s item) but to help this campaign based on merits and for the true Doors fans, literature fans and rock fans be proud to have The Doors theme highlight in both prestigious universities (UCLA/Berkeley) through the author’s lectures, YOUR HELP is required.

As you know, the distance between Europe (where the author lives) and US is big. So, the expenses are proportional. But with YOUR IMPORTANT CONTRIBUTE we will easily “break on through to the other side”. Your help is crucial to accomplish both honourable invitations from the university where Jim Morrison and Ray Manzarek graduate in film, and also the legendary UC Berkeley where the 60s demonstrations found an university root. Rui Pedro Silva first book «You Make me Real» (International Doors book who has the three Doors participation, people from the Doors original staff, The Doors studio musicians, Jim Morrison’s close friends, musicians who played with The Doors BEFORE they reached the rock stardom- Whisky a Go-Go days, it has rare and unpublished material, a huge part about Jim Morrison’s life in Paris and the pilgrimage to Jim Morrison’s grave in Paris, etc), will be an important topic in UCLA/Berkeley and it is available here too for you and for your generous contribution.

The lectures are schedule for April and both American universities are asking for an immediate confirmation. Due the urgency, I ask your help to reach the minimum value (2300 euros) in the next days. Thank you very much!

About the author

Rui Pedro Silva, born in Porto (Portugal) where he graduate in «Communication Sciences/Journalism» in 2000.

He is a well known international author/researcher on The Doors theme. He developed a huge partnership with national and international artists, he worked and meet The Doors, original staff, known biographers (like Jerry Hopkins and Danny Sugerman, authors of the best seller "No One Here Gets Out Alive"), international academics, The Doors and Jim Morrison’s close friends, among others. In the long journey of the author, there is, for example, the development of an academic thesis who shows the contrast between the complex personality of the man/poet: «James Douglas Morrison» (Jim Morrison) and his myth: «The Lizard King», rock star. In 2001 and after national scrutiny of Warner and a national Portuguese radio station, Rui Pedro Silva was the Portuguese chosen to represent his country in the 30th anniversary of Jim Morrison’s death (happened in July 3rd, 2001). He meet Ray Manzarek (The Doors organ player) and Danny Sugerman in a special event in a Parisian theatre and in the Père Lachaise tribute to Jim Morrison. In 2003, he published his first book: «Contigo Torno-me Real». In 2008, the book had an international Portuguese publication and even in Portuguese won an «Honorable Mention» in London (London Book F). 

In 2009, Rui Pedro Silva worked in UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) as an inside researcher. The goal was to study The Doors roots and the impact of the band’s art in the Portuguese culture. A huge task performed for the first time in this mythical university where Jim Morrison, Ray Manzarek and Francis Ford Coppola graduate in Film. He was the first and unique UCLA inside researcher for The Doors theme.

In 2010, UCLA invited the author to present «You Make Me Real», the English version of his The Doors Portuguese book: «Contigo Torno-me Real». It happened in the legendary UCLA Royce Hall. In 2011, Italy claimed «You Make Me Real» book presentation. It happened in Venice region. In December 2012, Rui Pedro Silva released «Caravana Doors» (The Doors Caravan). For the first time became accessible the result of the deep study he did at UCLA. NOW, the interest crossed borders and UCLA (in Los Angeles) and UC Berkeley (San Francisco) sent rare and prestigious invitations to the author in order to show and talk about «The Doors Caravan» in the mythical Californian campus.

About «You Make me Real», check The Doors musician’s comments and others from  well known Doors personalities:

Dear Doors fans! Looks like we have a new Doors aficionado in Europe. Taking over from Rainer Moddeman, we have Rui Silva. He is writing a book, and it looks like it will be worth reading. Much time and effort has gone into it and I am looking forward to checking it out.
(Robby Krieger, The Doors guitar player).


Rui did a great job
(Ray Manzarek, The Doors keyboard player)


The book looks good
(John Densmore, The Doors drummer)


A wonderful effort
(Bruce Botnick – The Doors sound engineer)


Rui's passionate pursuit of the truth, his persistence in tracking down Jim's friends, and his scholarly approach to his love of Jim and the Doors should make good reading for the millions of fans that hunger for something more.
(Paul Ferrara, The Doors photographer/camaraman, Jim Morrison close friend and a well known ex UCLA student).


Rui did a splendid job. I was impressed with Rui's research and dedication to the work.
(Kathy Lisciandro- The Doors secretary)

Budget and due dates

O orçamento/montante mínimo ponderado, destina-se a um apoio para fazer face às despesas mínimas elementares de apresentação deste novo produto nos prestigiantes lançamentos americanos (expedição dos livros, apoio à viagem para concretizar as apresentações/palestras, refeições, alojamento singelo em Los Angeles). Por insuficiência económica, este apoio, via crowdfunding, é MESMO VITAL e incontornável para tornar possível a concretização destas apresentações honrosas da obra que vão sublinhar bastante o mérito único do autor, a visibilidade da investigação portuguesa e o nome/ reconhecimento do nosso país nesta temática cultural mundial. As apresentações estão previstas entre as duas últimas semanas de Abril e as universidades em Los Angeles e São Francisco aguardam que marque com celeridade as datas. Com o apoio desta campanha do crowdfunding (a durar um mês), a originalidade e valor das recompensas, os textos aqui enunciados, a divulgação massiva que será feita e com o importante apoio das entidades e personalidades portuguesas expressas no vídeo, estou em crer que chegaremos ao valor mínimo nas próximas semanas e com isso ir a tempo de marcar estes prestigiantes e honrosos convites que requerem urgência.

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