OZU, by Donald Richie - Portuguese edition

OZU, by Donald Richie - Portuguese edition

One of the greatest books on cinema, finally in Portuguese.

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One of the greatest books on cinema, finally in Portuguese.

Ozu: His Life and Films , by Donald Richie, was published by the Univerisity of California Press in 1974. The back cover of the book includes a quote from the old magazine Films & Filming (1954-1990): “Ozu's art is the art of contemplation, and Richie echoes it perfectly. His book is a model of lucidity and understanding, and one of the best studies ever done on a director. ”In fact, Tadao Sato's monograph on Yasujirô Ozu has never been translated (except for excerpts), and thus is unknown in its entirety outside of Japan, and therefore Donald Richie's work is still the seminal study of the work of one of the greatest filmmakers of all time.

It is our intention, therefore, to bring this work to readers in Portuguese from all over the world, contributing to the study of a unique filmmaker and to the edition of cinema books in Portuguese, which, like your library, will be truly enriched with this work.

The strong idea of the campaign is that interested parties can pre-buy the book for € 15, which means a 25% discount on the cover price.

We are close to complete the book production and we are counting on the reader to be able to conclude this edition - an edition that we want for the present, but also for the future and for the new generations of moviegoers, keeping alive this absolute belief in Cinema.

About the author

The Stone and The Plot was founded in 2017 following 10 years of experience in cinema by its manager, Daniel Pereira, in the production area, but not only. In 2007, he began a journey of production, directing and participation in films, his and from other filmmakers, which were shown in serveral national and international locations. For several years, he worked as the right arm of producer José Mazeda.

The Stone and The Plot is preparing to debut the feature film “Os Conselhos da Noite”, by José Oliveira, and the documentary “Sério Fernandes - O Mestre da Escola do Porto”, by Rui Garrido, and has several projects in pre and post production.

He also works as a publisher and distributor.

Budget and due dates

The edition of the book will be worked on throughout 2020, in order to be presented publicly on December 12, the day of Yasujiro Ozu's birth and death.

The funds of this campaign are intended to contribute to the translation of the work, representing only 36% of the total cost of all works.

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