Comic Book – "Next Generation Designers"

Comic Book – "Next Generation Designers"

A contemporary perspective of the design education in Portugal. A book that can start new dialogues and important questions for the future of design education in the country and...

A contemporary perspective of the design education in Portugal. A book that can start new dialogues and important questions for the future of design education in the country and Portuguese Design itself.

The favorite part of my bachelor in Communication Design was to do a Personal Project on the last year — and here's the result!

Starting from personal experience and trying to understand different ways of learning Design in Portugal, I went in search of the contexts, values, methods, practices and met other fellow designers throughout the country who helped me to map what might be the Next Generation of Designers (in Portugal).

What you can see while reading this book, apart from an anthropological study following a bio / journalistic comics format, is the research trip of a student-almost-designer who, trying to give voice to the most varied experiences of her peers, finds herself while trying to seek a common future in each other's dreams and fears. All this in graphite linear drawings, from the perspective of a character with an analytical (and critical!) look on the context of design studies in Portugal.

After undertaking this project — in book form — I realized its value will only become complete if it can be read and shared with the largest number of people! It is a book that tells a small part of the present moment but it can be the start of more conversations and dialogues about design education in Portugal, and for sure will be important for the future of Portuguese Design.

Editing a book by myself without knowing if I could sell all copies would really be difficult and costly for me. But with crowdfunding, I feel supported throughout the whole production journey, and I know that every printed book will have a shelf or bedside table at every reader's home :)

Book Details

Dimensions: 18.5 x 22.5cm
112 pages
black and white interior
cover: direct color (it will differ slightly from the photo – a different shade of blue)

About the author

My name is Beatriz Costa, but you can call me "biakosta": Kosta with K, as my dad used to sign his artwork, and BIA ... well, you can guess it.

I was born in Coimbra (a small city in the center of Portugal), where I still live with my family (on the weekends) and in 2015 I moved to Porto to study Communication Design at the Faculty of Fine Arts (FBAUP). In 2017 I had the opportunity to study at the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts (through the Erasmus+ program) and it was there I realized my love for illustration, animation and comics!

Since I was a child I like to write stories and draw. In addition, I enjoy getting involved in the community I'm in, being an active part of society and contributing to a better world — and now, better than ever, I know that the best way to do this is to communicate and tell stories by drawing and writing :)

Budget and due dates


early August until late September

  2. finishing some parts of the book
  3. book review
  4. rewards preparation (if it reaches 50% of the goal)
  5. contacts, budgets, etc.
  6. get final support and reach the goal!
  7. (Anyone can follow my drawings and other parts of the process on my Instagram!)

October 1-15:

  1. ending campaign on PPL (with + 100% of the goal, I hope!)
  2. order ISBN * (as soon as the goal is reach or a few days in advance)
  3. request budgets from multiple printers with the total number of copies (100 or more)

October 15-31:

  1. book printing tests
  2. book production
  3. production of rewards
  4. prepare everything to offer supporters <3

between November 1st and 15th

  • Launch party! (place and date yet to decide) :-)

until November 15th

  • sending the Book + rewards to supporters (who cannot deliver by hand) via mail :)


  • ISBN request * = €49,20
  • print tests - up to €50
  • 100 copies print ~ €900
  • Shipping by CTT (Registered Mail) = €2,35 per book (€235 per 100 copies)
  • PPL commissions ** (7.5% + VAT) = €156,82
  • tote bag ~ €4,80 / each
  • stickers pack ~ €2
  • envelope = $0,20 (100 envelopes = $20)
  • I will spend the remaining money at the Launch Party!

* ISBN: International Standard Book Number, is a number which identifies the book on any library in the world; I will also have to send a copy to the National Library.

** PPL commissions: These are the fees I will have to pay to run this campaign on PPL. Of the amount I receive, 5% + VAT is for the PPL platform itself and 2.5% + VAT will be for paying partner commissions (PayPal, ATM Referrals, etc.).

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