It's the maharaja's birthday

It's the maharaja's birthday

Travel writer Jorge Vassallo, author of the blog "Fui dar uma volta", presents his new book "It's the Maharaja's birthday" - the second volume of his Indian trilogy, "Everything...

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Travel writer Jorge Vassallo, author of the blog "Fui dar uma volta", presents his new book "It's the Maharaja's birthday" - the second volume of his Indian trilogy, "Everything's Possible!".

After the success of the book "By Vespa in India", I returned to this crazy country in early 2019, to write the second part of the trilogy "Everything is Possible!". The result is called "It's the Maharaja's birthday" - a journey back in time, to my first trip to India in 2003.

It was sixteen years ago that I quited my job, sold my car and left the house I had rented... and went on a trip around the world. This adventure was a revolution in my life, in many ways, and the two months I spent in India were the highlight of nearly one year of unbelievable experiences.

The first impact in Bombay. The conversations with the old men of Goa, in Portuguese, thrilled to remember my great-grandfather, who was the last Governor of Portuguese India. The moments of tension that I experienced when I was, all alone, with a camel - somewhere in the Thar Desert. The magic and contradictions of Varanasi, a place that defies even the notions of Time. And the night I was invited to the birthday party of Jaipur's Maharaja. In this new book, I revisit these and other stories from my first trip to India, as I reflect on what has changed in the country - and in me - while I follow a very similar course, sixteen years later, experiencing new adventures.

The crowdfunding campaign aims to secure the necessary funds for the reprint of more copies of the first volume, which sold out in less than six months, and for the production of this new book: the revision of the text, pagination and printing of 2000 copies; and the cover design, back cover and some promotional material - which was once again developed by illustrator / street artist Vanessa Teodoro (The Super Van).

About the author

I am what people now call a "professional traveler", if one can be "professional" in traveling.

With seven dozen countries in the "curriculum" and a passion with most of Asia, I am the author of the travel blog "fui dar uma volta" and worked with Nomad travel agency for nine years, accompanying groups in Indochina, Burma, Trans-Siberian and Turkey. I am also the co-author (with my friend Carlos Carneiro) of the book "How Far Can You Go With 1000 Euros?" and the "Portuguese Way of Santiago" guide. In 2016 I launched my first work in my own name, "Indochina", which brings together my best travel memories of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

A year ago, I ventured on an author edition and released the book "By Vespa in India," whose production was funded by a crowdfunding campaign, here at PPL. The book sold out in less than six months - but more than just a sales success, this was a project of great personal satisfaction, learning and sharing. A spirit that I intend to keep: an edition that is not hostage to the market ticks and the big "sharks". A personal, creative, and honest project.

Budget and due dates

The book is written, and I plan to launch it in mid-June, so the campaign is intended to fund:

- Reprint of the first volume (1000 copies, about 3400 euros)
- Printing of the new book + bookmark (2000 copies, about 4400 euros)
- Revision of the text, pagination and cover and back cover design * (about 1000 euros)
- Promotional material and rewards (about 300 euros)
- PPL commission costs (about 900 euros)


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