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Lugar à Mesa

The Lugar à Mesa Movement is made by everyone and for everyone. From everyone who wants to help and to everyone who needs help.

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  • This campaign started on 17/12/2020 and is raising funds until 18/01/2021 - 18:00 WET. Both the payouts to restaurants and the meals are delivered weekly.

The Lugar à Mesa Movement is made by everyone and for everyone. From everyone who wants to help and to everyone who needs help.

The Lugar à Mesa Movement appears to minimize the difficulties of two spheres of our society: the families affected by the pandemic and the catering sector. In the same project, we created a virtuous circle that benefits families affected by the pandemic and, at the same time, creates a positive impact on the activity of the many restaurants that now come without customers. With this Movement, we create a double impact and minimize the difficulties of many citizens, whether they are neighbors, acquaintances or anonymous. Together, our actions have more strength.

The Lugar à Mesa Movement is made by everyone and for everyone . From everyone who wants to help and to everyone who needs help. And there are many who need it, in the current context. We live, as a society and as individuals, demanding times from the point of view of health but also from the economic and social point of view. Aware of the important role it plays in the community, Delta Cafés developed, together with other partners, the Lugar à Mesa Movement.


How do I sit at the table?

Being part of the movement is simple. You can participate in two ways:


  1. As a citizen - by making your contribution you will be able to deliver meals, free of charge, to many families affected by the pandemic. Make your contribution here (insert link to the next step)
  2. As a catering establishment - by making meals that will be delivered to families affected by the pandemic and whose value will be supported by the Lugar à Mesa movement, reinforcing their activity and the work of their employees. Sign up as a partner restaurant, here (insert form links)

For any questions call the support number: 212 414 000


About the author

Delta conceived and started this Movement that knows no limits on participation. At the origin of the project is the desire to help and mobilize anyone who can to do the same. We challenge citizens, restaurants, brands and all partners who want to join us in this wave of hope for individuals, families and businesses. As a driving force, we hope to only be able to move the greatest number of positive actions, both for families affected by the pandemic, and for the catering sector, which is currently among the most affected by COVID-19 prevention measures.

The importance of the movement unfolds in three levels of action:

  1. The personal dimension - knowing that by participating I help the community and, consequently, also benefit my presence in a healthy and balanced society
  2. The social dimension - knowing that I ensure the sustainability and development of my surroundings
  3. The economic dimension - knowing that I reduce the harmful effects of the pandemic by participating in initiatives that benefit the '' whole ''


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This movement will have a duration of 6 weeks, of which only 4 will collect contributions.

The campaign will be launched at the beginning of the week of December 7 and will be a week to publicize the movement on social networks, landing page and other media. The week of December 14 will be the first week of operation where SMS are sent to households with the indication of the restaurant, day and time for the collection of meals in the following week.

In the week of December 21, the third week of the movement will be the first week in which the operationalization will be at 100%. That is, restaurants will prepare meals and families, previously informed, will collect them on the day and time described in the SMS. In parallel, the households of the following week will also be receiving SMS with the necessary information for collection in the following week.

In weeks 4 and 5 of the movement that start on December 28 and January 4, respectively, the 3 tasks will take place simultaneously:

  • Disclosure of the campaign on digital media
  • Sending SMS with information of meal collection
  • Preparation and delivery of meals by restaurants

In week 6 of the movement, which starts on January 11, 2021, only meals related to SMS with information, sent in the previous week, are collected.

Every week the movement will try to reach 1000 weekly meals, distributed by 25 restaurants.

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