Death counted - Cidália Carvalho
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Death counted - Cidália Carvalho

Livros de Ontem is pleased to present you "Death Countdown", a short story book by Cidália Carvalho.

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Livros de Ontem is pleased to present you "Death Countdown", a short story book by Cidália Carvalho.

"The nearness of death has in the human being a nursery effect - creates and reproduces states of soul. Abandonment, absence, loss, sadness, longing, solution, resignation, pain, all this and more that is not said here, we feel in the presence of death. I, without sieves I admit, I add with emphasis, that death causes me doubts and anxiety. Being the theme plangent and gloomy, what motivated the author to write and gather all these stories about death? Life. Albert Camus says that "There is only one really serious philosophical problem: suicide. To judge whether or not life is worth living is to answer the fundamental question of philosophy. " I did not take into account and even lost sight of this thought, but I admit that it closes the answer to the motivation for the existence of these texts. It is worth thinking about death to balance life. In the text Águas Calmas e Prateadas, the survivor of the suicide attempt discovered life after she had almost died. I think, however, that it is reductive to place only suicide in this philosophical question, to think of death in general, in its various forms, illness, violence, loneliness, can help us to validate life. From what we know - but what we know - death is a permanent and irreversible state, we are bound to this state for ever and ever, and yet for the woman of A little more, death was liberating. As a child, she conceived schemes of concealment, convinced that I could deceive her and escape my time when she arrived, a naivete that I transpose to "the Mourner." Who is beautiful, who is it? lovers are separated by death contrary to my understanding that love is invincible. But despite the separation, is the love condemned to die with the sick woman?"    

NOTE: The book will cost € 11 during the crowdfunding campaign and € 13 after the closing. Choose the rewards package you want and discover all the exclusive offers we have for you! A Publishing Livros de Ontem. Text by Cidália Carvalho. Editing and Review of John the Baptist | Livros de Ontem. Graphic Project by Nádia Amante | Livros de Ontem. 1st edition limited to 200 copies. All copies are numbered and signed.

About the author

Do not stop on this page those whom I do not care about. I do not mind if they turn around and move on to the next one, I understand them. What can be in me or in me that interests them? It is known the date of my birth, long ago half a century ago, that of my death no one risks knowing, for now. Between one and another time belongs to me, the days are mine, I use them as I understand them and no one tells me how I should live them - I would not listen to them. The house is my safe place where I like to return after every absence. Family and friends are sure to never be alone, it is them that help me when everything else fails. Very young, I began a life of wandering, I had to leave the village where I was born, on the other side of Marão, to the great city. I have since had a romantic view of life in the village and that is what I write. I have not yet reached the upper level of loving those who hate me, I hover in the middle layer of giving as I receive. In the high school, a Portuguese teacher, she convinced me that I had a way for essays. With a mass ego, I stretched the praise, I stretched it so much that I dare to write lines beyond the essays. Writing is not a purpose, it is an urgency. The brain thinks of words that multiply and run over in uncoordinated and unguided movements, the heart palpitates and wants to be heard. I write. And it is then that the loose words and murmured cries of my intimate gain idea and body. After that, again the tranquility.

I am amazed at the simple things. I admire what is naturally beautiful. When the pores open to receive the aroma of the flowers, when the intriguing forms and colors of nature invite me to contemplate and force me to stop the frenetic rhythm of everyday life, when the murmuring of the rivers crushes me, when the noise of the waves from the sea take me to other places, when the eyelids fall and hide me the outside world, and in this recollection I feel more intensely the cool breeze of the mornings or warm of the summer nights, when the musical melody elevates and it reveals to me that the best one there is in me, this is not romanticism or lamechice, this is the life that invades me and I surrender to this invasion.

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