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A pilot project with a dementia intervention matrix.

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A pilot project with a dementia intervention matrix.

The Reviver Project is born from the desire to transform a reality that is transversal to all the counties of the country but which, given its demographic profile, has a growing social and economic impact, which we deal with daily. It is a pilot project with a matrix of intervention in Dementia and which is part of a Cooperation Protocol between the Association of Social and Recreational Solidarity of Nespereira and the Municipality of Cinfães, but presupposing to extend its action to the entire municipality. The focus is on people, always. People caring for people with dementia, the person who is the formal caregiver, the person who is the caregiver and family member, is an added value for the rest of the nuclear and extended families.

The ReViver Project's main ambition is to improve the quality of life of this target audience, aiming to act from the diagnostic process, to capitalize on caregivers with theoretical and practical knowledge that allows them to better understand this problem and provide them with tools that translate into best suited to the specific needs inherent On the other hand, we believe it is essential to bring a response that is like an oxygen bag to the informal caregiver, who, due to the demands of the care he provides, the lack of guidance and the lack of family and social support, ends up not being able to himself. take care of yourself.

Therefore, for the realization of this objective, we need material and monetary goods. Within the material goods we must emphasize the importance of musical instrument kit, senior games (logic cubes), senior games (gesture only) hot / cold therapeutic pad and the vibrating pad.

These materials can be delivered directly to our facilities, headquartered at R. Armando Soares nº80 4690-396 Nespereira CNF or mailed to the same address.

With regard to the monetary part, 5,000 euros for fuel aid for the technicians went to the 14 parishes of the county to carry out activities with people with dementia, since our county is so scattered, this would be divided by 12 months 416 euros that dividing by the 14 parishes gave about 29 euros per month for the period of 1 year.

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Nespereira Social and Recreational Solidarity Association

MISSION: To promote excellent services to improve the quality of life of the community.

VISION: To be a reference institution in the creation and promotion of community involvement services.

VALUES: encouraging sharing for better social cohesion; promote well-being; know how to be, know how to be and know how to do; be agents of change implementing best practices; create opportunities for integration in society; involve everyone in our mission.

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