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Solidarity Window

The “Solidarity Window” project consists of replacing the windows of the residence that refuge young mothers and their children.

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The “Solidarity Window” project consists of replacing the windows of the residence that refuge young mothers and their children.

The “Solidarity Window” project consists of replacing the windows of  the host residence that supports young mothers and their children.

The last intervention on the windows was many years ago. They are aluminum windows, however they are all in a worn state, allowing moisture, cold and rain to pass through. Substantial intervention is needed to replace it to a solution that meets current needs and guarantees the health of the mothers and children we support, as well as their own safety.


With this project we aim to provide these young mothers and their children with better living conditions that will translate into greater success of the educational and integrative project, ensuring that they benefit from the best conditions of health, comfort and safety.

Right now, our priority is to replace the windows in every room, as it is the most private and welcoming space every mother and child has.

After this first phase of the project is completed, we will move to a second phase, which will consist of remodeling the windows corresponding to the common spaces of the house.

Why do we need your help?

The participation of everyone in this project is considered essential. The resolution is to find partners and friends who will join this cause and help us make this project possible.

Janelas degradadas

About the author

The Casa de Protecção e Amparo de Santo António is a NGO - Non Governmental Organization, founded in 1931 with the mission of supporting the cause of unprotected motherhood.

In these over 80 years we are proud to mention that we have already helped about 2800 mothers and therefore 2800 children and families.

Goal achieved as much as our mothers acquire maternal skills, socially and professionally reinsert themselves and, above all, build their life project with a view to contributing positively to our society. Break the cycle by finding a new direction.

To this end, the institution is divided into 3 areas: Casa das Mães (host residence), a residence that supports up to 17 mothers and their children; Casa das Crianças (Nursery) that supports 50 children between internal and external and Casa dos Sabores (commercial activity in the area of ​​restoration) which is intended as a sustainability engine for the other social response valences. All this articulation between various valences aims to build the future for a better life!

A Casa

Budget and due dates

Total budget: € 27.757

Phase 1 Budget: € 18,397.11 - Already Raised

Phase 2 Budget: € 9,359.89 - Still missing

  •  A warmer winter for our children

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    A warmer winter for our children

    By supporting this project, you will contribute to a warmer winter for needy children and young mothers. With your contribution we will replace the worn windows of the host residence, which is letting in moisture, cold and rain.

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