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Giving Tuesday 2020

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WOMEN XXI: A project to encourage the autonomy of the Life Projects of women and their daughters in reception.

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WOMEN XXI: A project to encourage the autonomy of the Life Projects of women and their daughters in reception.

Lar Jorbalán is an Insertion Community whose mission is to temporarily welcome women in situations of special social vulnerability, promoting their autonomy and social integration.

In #GivingTuesday Lar Jorbalán invites everyone to participate in the construction of some of the life projects of the host users:

  1. S is a 1 year old pesky that requires a special, extensively hydrolyzed milk ( eg Hydrolyzed Nutriben, Aptamil, Peptijunior, etc.). With a can you will only be contributing to this little girl's antics!
  2. F. is our 2 year old ballerina and needs some orthopedic shoes (size 23/24 ) to make her walk with all the support she needs. Shall we help our ballerina keep on dancing for life?
  3. M. is a child, like everyone, who has no instruction book, which makes her mother B's task difficult. To help her with this arduous task of teaching and helping to grow, we are looking for bridesmaids and sponsors to support the expense of individualized psychotherapeutic support sessions. Let's help this mother-daughter relationship?
  4. Milk is one of the favorite drinks at home, everyone drinks it daily! Many liters are consumed, so liter by liter will be a big help to our small and large users !!

Are you curious about our work?

To learn more about us and continue to help or participate, please contact us via social networks (instagram / facebook) or via our email:

About the author

Lar Jorbalán is one of the social works of the Mother Sacramento Foundation (FMS) and has existed since 1962.

The FMS is a Religious Social Solidarity Private Institution belonging to the Congregation of the Slave Adorable Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament and Charity. This Congregation has been present in Portugal since 1936 through various social works.

At the moment the Lar Jorbalán acts as Community of Insertion, with protocol with the Institute of the Social Security since 2006.

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