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With this crowdfunding, Diogo Batáguas intends to prove that mankind is not as lost as it sometimes seems. Let's help Animal Life, Acreditar and CASA. Are not we going to help...

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With this crowdfunding, Diogo Batáguas intends to prove that mankind is not as lost as it sometimes seems. Let's help Animal Life, Acreditar and CASA. Are not we going to help multimillionaires get even more multimillionaires?

The aim is to raise more than 3 thousand euros for each of these associations through a crowdfunding. Acreditar, Animalife and CASA.

10 000€ in total.

The idea was born after a news story about a crowdfunding that was opened to help one of the Kardashians (Kylie Jenner) hit the billion-dollar fortune.

It has "only" 900 million and, reaching one billion, it would become the youngest to reach this milestone.

It is true that in enjoyment or not, several people donated money. It is not particularly successful (it continues with 2,000 and such accumulated dollars), but it is stupid in it.

Angry with this bullshit I decided to create my own crowdfunding and surpass this value for each of the 3 institutions mentioned (hence the goal being 3 thousand euros for each one)


Acreditar is a network of sharing and affection made of children, young people, parents and friends. We have been together since 1994 to address the challenges of childhood cancer, ensuring support in a time of uncertainty.

The work of Acreditar takes place in four regional centers, corresponding to the urban centers where there are oncology hospitals Pediatrics: Porto, Coimbra, Lisbon and Funchal. We follow in all cycles of the disease.

At Casas Acreditar, at hospitals and at home, our support unfolds on the emotional and social levels - with transparency and professionalism, and above all with the experience of those who have gone through it. Difficult moments become possible to live when we unite. Believing makes me stronger.



Animalife is a national non-profit association that was established in October 2011. It fights the abandonment of pets by acting against their causes, providing support to needy families and homeless people with pets, as well as animal protection associations. 



In a troubled world, full of violence and social inequality, it is up to each of us to awaken to the reality that is constantly unfolding in our eyes: poverty and suffering. This reality led to the emergence of the Shelter Support Center (CASA), the fruit of the initiative and inspiration of Honorary President Pema Wangyal Rinpoche.

The CASA was constituted by public deed on July 19, 2002, with the mission of assisting those who are homeless, integrating Families at Risk or Carennial Families, through social solidarity actions, providing a close contact , food, clothing and social reintegration services, regardless of social status, ethnicity, religion or gender. 


About the author

Diogo Batáguas is a comedian and easily irritated. Which can sometimes work.

You can see the work of Diogo Batáguas through its youtube channel: www.youtube.com/user/BataguasD

The comedy was not your first choice. The goal was to succeed Vitor Baía in FC Porto's goal.

As he did not do, he attended social media and opted for a career as a radio broadcaster. However, the radios where he worked all failed.

There were not many hypotheses left and he dedicated himself to humor.

Budget and due dates

The money raised is to distribute through the associations Animal Life (animal association), Acreditar (housing support to children of the IPO) and CASA (homeless support center).

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    Kit Animalife (T-shirt Animalife, Fita Animalife, Mochila Animalife) or Book vidas contadas: Estórias de 20 anos da acreditar or Kit CASA (T-shirt CASA, Fita CASA, Saco CASA e crachá CASA) The cost of shipping is included in the reward.

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  • Sonia Casqueiro Costa

    Grande campanha!

    Sempre a somar!!! Maravilha!

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  • Joana Pires

    Um muito obrigada de uma

    Um muito obrigada de uma voluntária do CASA, que convive de perto com a realidade e todo o trabalho incrível feito por esta instituição maravilhosa ❤️

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  • Gonçalo Monteiro


    E não é que vai chegar aos€
    antes da Kardashian!

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  • Nuno Pereira

    Só podia dizer que sim!

    Impossível dizer que não a esta Causa! Grande iniciativa Bataguas! Se mais gente se juntar á causa até ao Natal batemos recordes! Abraço!

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  • Liliana Sousa

    Parabéns, não pensei que não

    Parabéns, não pensei que não fosses tão rápido.

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  • Tiago Belém


    Parabéns a TODOS! Conseguimos o objectivo inicial, agora é continuar, até Dezembro ainda falta :D! #Carrega #GandaBatáGguas

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  • Luis Rodrigues

    Rumos aos 50 mil

    Diogo, se tu, o David Almeida, o Raminhos (e a Maria Leonor), o Pedro Fernandes, a Mariana "Bumba" Cabral, a Ana "Pipoca" Martins, o Francisco Geraldes, o Dário "Môce dum Cabréste" Guerreiro e o Fernando Rocha e quem mais se queira juntar fizerem parte das "recompensas", desconfio que facilmente cheguem aos €50 mil...

    Sejam criativos. Usem as vossas próprias redes sociais. Claro que as contribuições deverão ser altruístas (daí serem doações, não empréstimos), mas se aliciarem o pessoal com recompensas vindas de todo esse pessoal, a adesão será ainda maior.

    Parabéns uma vez mais pela iniciativa! Grande abraço.

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  • Cristiano Cunha

    5000 por dia dá 300 mil :P

    5000 por dia dá 300 mil :P sigaaa

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  • Guilherme Martins

    Rumo aos 30mil

    Rumo aos 30mil

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    Excelente iniciativa! Parabéns!

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    Por mais atitudes como esta! Força!

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    Parabens pela iniciativa Batáguas!

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    Grande Batáguas! És o maior

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