A toast to the cannibal

A toast to the cannibal

Third book of the India travel chronicles trilogy, "Everything is Possible", by Jorge Vassallo

Third book of the India travel chronicles trilogy, "Everything is Possible", by Jorge Vassallo

After launching "By Vespa in India" in 2018; and "The Maharaja's birthday" in 2019; I must admit that, in 2020, I had planned to take a break from writing, leaving the third volume of the Indian trilogy "Everything is Possible!" for 2021 or 2022.

However, the pandemic has changed everything. Destiny had me in India, when the "tsunami" Covid19 changed our lives, and I had to leave this country-universe and go back to Portugal. And even this episode deserved to be in a book... so, whilst alone in quarantine, in my house, I started adding some stories to this... and a new book was born.

This new book is called "A toast to the cannibal" and it is a tribute, in the form of a cheers!, to the friends with whom I lived extraordinary moments in this country. Some are friends for life, others were friends for a day. But they all count. The title itself is inspired by the month I lived in a room, on a beach in Goa, next to an American cannibal who was kind of a pirate (he even had a wooden leg!). He was just the most extraordinary character I have ever met in life.

But there's more! There are Bollywood stars and hyperactive Rajasthani princes, a communist named Che Guevara, an alcoholic Muslim and even the most romantic Indian ever.

India has an obsession with Friendship - and this trilogy is a celebration of that. The third volume reinforces an idea that grew with the first two: traveling is about meeting people.

Crowdfunding is almost a journey in itself. This financing model makes no sense without people. For that, I appeal to your contribution. This campaign aims to ensure the necessary funds for the realization of my project: from the revision of the text to the pagination and printing of 1500 copies; and also the cover design, back cover and some promotional material - which were developed, once again, by the one and only illustrator Vanessa Teodoro.

Eu e o Gary (o canibal americano que era meio pirata)

About the author

With seven dozen countries on the "curriculum" and a declared passion for all of Asia, I am the author of the travel blog "Fui dar uma volta" and collaborated with the travel agency Nomad for nine years, leading groups in Indochina, Myanmar, Trans-Siberian and Turkey. I am also co-author (with my friend Carlos Carneiro) of the book "Até Onde Vais com 1000 Euros?" And of the guide "Caminho Português de Santiago "; and in 2016 I launched the book " Indochina ", which brings together my best travel memories of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

Two years ago, I took a chance on an author's edition and released the book "De Vespa na Índia", whose production was financed by a crowdfunding campaign, here at PPL. Then, in 2019, I repeated the formula and launched my second book on adventures in India, called "O Marajá faz anos".

This year, after being confined to four walls for two and a half months, I embarked on a 300km walking adventure, from Tróia to Sagres. It was 3 weeks of a lot of walking, meditation and new ideas. In addition to now taking small groups for a walk in Sintra, I have some plans when it comes to editorial projects. This book, which completes the trilogy, is only the first. ;)

Não podiam faltar aventuras em 2 rodas :)

Budget and due dates

The book is practically finished, I hope to finish writing it at the beginning of October and then launch myself into the process of materializing the object, so to speak. I want to launch it in mid-November, shortly after finishing this campaign, which is intended to finance:

    • Printing of the new book + bookmark (about 4500 euros)
    • Revision of the text, pagination and design of the cover and back cover * (about 2500 euros)
    • Promotional material, rewards and some extras (around 1000 euros)
    • PPL commission costs (around 800 euros)

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