Ajude os meus pais a escapar da Ucrânia
Ajuda Ucrânia

Ajude os meus pais a escapar da Ucrânia

This project aims to ask people for financial support for my parents to escape the Ukrainian city of Kherson, which is now occupied by Russia, and come to Europe safe.

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This project aims to ask people for financial support for my parents to escape the Ukrainian city of Kherson, which is now occupied by Russia, and come to Europe safe.

My name is Yuliia, I'm Ukrainian and a student at the University of Minho. My family is trapped in Kherson, my hometown, which is currently occupied by Russian troops. The Russian army does not allow humanitarian aid to enter this city.

Due to the lack of food products, half of which are sent to Crimea, food prices have already increased several times and, at the moment, all the goods necessary for survival are 2 to 3 times more expensive than in Europe.

My mother is an accountant in a public dental clinic, and the governmental entity that sponsors the clinic could at any time fall into the hands of the occupants, and my mother will be without salary. The shipyard my father works at hasn't been in operation since the war started, so he basically lost his job and has no income.

Since the beginning of the war, battles have been fought in the villages of the Kherson region, which are 20 km away from the city.

The prognosis for Kherson is disappointing. From a historical point of view, the battles for Kherson have been the most heated. And the fact that Russia sends new equipment to the region every day confirms the fact that, very soon, Kherson could become the second Mariupol.

I really want to save my family and help them get out of town. We have a very close relationship, and I can't imagine the possibility of anything happening to them. Therefore, I ask for your financial support so that they can leave the city as soon as possible and reach Europe. Due to the fact that it is a huge risk to leave the city and drive towards safe areas, as well as the lack of fuel, the costs of any type of transport are very high.

Thank you for reading my message and I hope you can help me.

About the author

I am a student from Ukraine, Kherson city. Now I'm doing a Master's degree in Europe in Portugal in Braga. I haven't seen my parents since January and I miss them a lot. Every day I worry about the future of my parents and my cat because they can't escape the city. I am a very sensitive person, so we have a very close relationship with my parents. I feel very alone being so far from them and knowing that they are in trouble. I want to reunite with them and finally see them healthy and happy. I cannot help them financially, that's why I am asking for help.


Budget and due dates

My parents can take a long bus ride through Crimea, Russia, Belarus, Litva and Latvia to Poland. The ticket costs 700 euros. For my mom and dad, they need two tickets. After arriving in Poland, they would like to come to Portugal, to the city of Braga. To cross all of Europe, they will also need money. So, I estimate that they need around 2000 euros to organize this trip. They need to leave the city as soon as possible (May) because the situation is getting worse every day.

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