Soul - Healthy and Good Eating - Help build our school

Soul - Healthy and Good Eating - Help build our school

Soul created a simple café with its vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free delicacies and now it needs you to open an incredible kitchen/school.

Soul created a simple café with its vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free delicacies and now it needs you to open an incredible kitchen/school.

If you've already eaten our delicious vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free sweets, you know exactly what we're talking about.

We are simply passionate about what we do. That's why we created Soul - Healthy and Good Food.

Exactly 4 years ago, we began a great adventure: taking our sweets to Portugal, rescuing traditional recipes for different sweets from around the world, ensuring all the care, quality of ingredients and time in the creation, adaptation and production process. Since then, we have delivered the results of our daily choices to more and more people. A tasty and healthy product, made with lots of dedication, love and selected ingredients.

Fortunately for us, these 4 years have brought many achievements, despite the great challenges we have faced in recent years and continue to face daily with the lack of infrastructure for our production. We want to move our small café to another location that allows us to have a kitchen/school. In this location we want to increase the number of production and have an accessible kitchen to set up a Food for Good school, where everyone can learn the magic of healthy, vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free food and pastries. As good dreams have no limits and exist to be cultivated, we want to take this very special step. Also transform our café into an inclusive school where everyone can experience our universe of flavors and inspirations.

cheesecake de maçã

After all, it is by sharing that we multiply and we want to multiply the love for Healthy Eating around the world, or at least we started here in Braga.

And why do we believe that opening a Kitchen/School is in the interest of many people, including yours?

Because the time has come to actually choose what we are going to eat and how we are going to do it. We need to take the decision for our food out of the hands of the industry. Supporting small artisanal entrepreneurs who, together, form a network for real, healthy food made for human and planetary well-being is a way of transforming the reality in which we live .

And Soul will be exactly that, a place to build a new reality in food, which prioritizes the artisanal and natural and welcomes small producers, who have the same values as ours.

We want to be part of a network that works passionately to change the food landscape.

Therefore, we count on the help of each one of you to get this dream off the ground and make it truly exist .

pão de "queijo"

As a promise, there is a commitment to   the good food and the certainty that you will have a special place that will be built by all of us.

At the café, artisanal delicacies are made daily. With the expansion of the kitchen we will be able to create more and finally create our dream school so that everyone can learn this proposal of experiencing real, well-made food. It will be our space for meetings and exchanges for those who enjoy eating, cooking and learning about healthy pastry and natural food processes.

As crowdfunding is all or nothing - either we reach the goal or we lose all the money invested - We really need your support.

For those who want to collaborate, the rewards are irresistible and delicious : tastings of specialty coffees, experiences to live and taste delicacies in our café, courses to learn about inclusive pastry, in addition to the divine creations of our producer friends. Sharing the project also helps a lot .


About the author


I'm Vanessa Oliveira, creator of Soul - Healthy and Good Food.

Despite having extensive experience in the Human Resources area, my main motivator is undoubtedly creation.

Be it through people, decoration, food, photography or music, which are things that I love.

I've created many independent projects that I'm very proud of, but Soul is undoubtedly the one that has had the most impact on my life, due to all the changes and experiences it has given me and continues to provide me with to this day. I hope to be able to continue this beautiful project and take it to new levels, because my restlessness is my best tool.

Aristotle said: “Where my talents and passions meet the needs of the world, there is my path, my place.”


Budget and due dates

GOAL 1 - 3,000

Coffee with choices!

Here we can build, decorate and even choose furniture and equipment, but it will be simpler. The centrifuge, oven and professional mixer will be left out.

GOAL 2 - 5,000

Breathtaking cafe and kitchen...

Build, decorate and furnish the cafe and kitchen with, in addition to the basic equipment, other equipment that is a big dream (like the professional mixer)


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  • Thatiana Veronez

    06/02/2024 - 09:16

    Querida Vanessa e equipe do Soul, desejo que o projeto alcance cada vez mais pessoas. Ele é fundamental! Contem comigo sempre! ❤️

  • Alice Balbé

    05/02/2024 - 11:06

    Queridos Vanessa, Thiago e equipe Soul, desejamos que possam realizar esse sonho e vida longa ao Soul, abraços Alice e João

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    04/02/2024 - 21:03

    Torço para que consigam o financiamento 🙏. Este é um dos poucos locais que a minha afilhada com alergia à proteína do leite de vaca e ao ovo, pode frequentar.

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    04/02/2024 - 13:43

    É uma delícia ter-vos aqui em Braga! Que o vosso projeto do bem continue a crescer! Muitos beijinhos

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    Queridos. Apareçam mais nas redes. A Soul é a vossa cara. :)

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    Torço muito por vocês!

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    Ansiosa por ver este projeto concretizado. Votos de muito sucesso!

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    Força nisso amigos! Ricardo & Catarina (Nordicos)

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    Vida longa Soul do bem!!!

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    Que tudo corra bem Vanessa! Um beijo cheio de carinho 🥰

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    The World is beautiful

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    Vai ser maravilhoso! Estamos juntos 💚