"The raffle"

"The raffle"

In a future where millions of people are drawn to die, one man spends a night collecting the chosen ones for their certain death.

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In a future where millions of people are drawn to die, one man spends a night collecting the chosen ones for their certain death.


In a resource-poor future, there is a monthly lottery to choose 15,000,000 people to die. After this month's draw, Pedro spends a night collecting the winners. Some go voluntarily, others try to escape. Your mental state gets worse as the day goes on. Before his last collection, Pedro realizes that his wife has been chosen. He tries to convince her to flee but she rejects it, accepting her fate and convincing him to do the same.


characterization of characters

Pedro 30 - Pedro is a soldier assigned to collect people drawn. Despite the coldness of his work and intensive training ready to attack, the soldier has compassion for those who are chosen. Pedro knows he is working for a better future but he is increasingly aware of what he is doing. For Pedro, life outside of work is like a refuge from this dark world. The bride is a haven from everyone who sees him as a murderer.


Inês 30 - Inês is Pedro's fiancée. An educator in a kindergarten, who works every day with joy and hope for a better future. Realizes the need for the lottery after seeing a world on a path of no return. He understands Pedro's position and comforts him whenever necessary, reminding him of the need for work.


Ricardo 30 - Ricardo has been Pedro's work partner since the beginning of this service. He drives the van where the two pick up the winners. A private man who reveals little about his private life outside the army. Ricardo and Pedro share a professional relationship, but sometimes Pedro vents in a few sentences the exhaustion of the profession. Ricardo is a good listener and despite few words, he has wise words.


note of intentions

Based on the theme of sustainability, O Sorteio proposes a radical solution to one of the most current and least talked about problems in society, overpopulation. When we get to a truly overwhelming number, are we capable of making the ultimate sacrifice and sacrificing ourselves, or are we going to force it? And if we are capable of taking such drastic measures, what would they be and why? The most radical of situations calls for the most radical of solutions. In this pre-apocalyptic world, we explore the policies and narratives that are created in order to promote human sacrifice, done through a random draw, a very striking event, of great ecstasy and exuberance, in which those drawn are glorified as martyrs. We interpret this narrative as something similar not only to the reality that American soldiers face when they are sent to war, but also North Korean daily life, in which well-being is promoted within society that overshadows the unfortunate reality. We chose the perspective of an agent who collects the winners because we want to see firsthand the conflict between feeling the weight of deaths and the responsibility of maintaining sustainability in the world. These two realities come into conflict and create existential doubts for our main character. Even he can be considered a martyr, as he is sacrificed in order to carry this weight and responsibility of an essential profession to avoid the collapse of society.

About the author

We are finalist students of the Degree in Cinema and Media Arts at the Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies. Every year, numerous audiovisual projects are produced that contribute to the growth and learning of students. The short films at the end of the course are the final goal of an entire academic career that is intense and involves a lot of work. They symbolize not only effort, dedication and teamwork, but also the end of an era and the beginning of a new stage in the lives of many students. Cinema is the passion of all team members and everyone's help is essential to carry out the final projects. We would like to be able to count on your help to carry out the project "O Sorteio" and bring to life this imagery created over so many months.



Production Director - Catarina Miguel and Lara Mendes

Head of Production - Giovanna Figueiredo

Production Coordinator - Gabi Martins

Ass Production - Chen Zhiqiang

Green Consultant - Romer Hendrickx



Directors - Lourenço Barjona and Lucas Torres

1st Assistant Director - Carlota Morato

2nd Assistant Director - Rafaela Seco

Annotation - Matilde Reis



DF - Henrique Oliveira

Camera Operator - Vasco Caras-Altas

1st Imaging Assistant - Margarida Ribeiro

2nd Image Assistant - Mafalda Oliveira

Gaffer - Guilherme Simões

Electrician Assistant - Gonçalo Feio

Video Assist - Francisco Santos

Chief Machinist - Thiago Santos

Ass Driver - Simão Martins

Scene Photography - Farlei Santos

Making Of - Alessandra Roucos



Art Director - Teresa Benevides

Chief Decorator - Elisabete Caravela

Ass Plateau - Lia Mendes

Prop Maker - João Sousa

Costume designer - Mafalda Oliveira

Chief Wardrobe - Mariana Rodrigues

Ass Wardrobe - Mariana Rodrigues

Makeup - João Sousa

Ass Makeup - João Sousa and Mariana Rodrigues

Hairdresser - Mariana Rodrigues

Ass Hairdresser - Mariana Rodrigues

Ass Arte - Duarte Forte



Editor - João Lucas Aguiar

Editing Ass - José Costa

Colorist - Farlei Santos

Assistant colorist - Henrique oliveira (DF)

Data Wrangler - Jose Costa

VFX - Chen Zhiqiang

Editing of Making Of - Alessandra Roucos

Credits - João Ferreira



sound director

sound ass

Sound Design






Marketing and Web Promotion - Gonçalo Martins

Subtitling - Catarina Miguel

Trailer Assembly - Bruno Rocha

Graphics - Gonçalo Pereira

EPK - Lara Mendes




Budget and due dates

Production - 1100€
Art - 1000€
Image and sound - 100€ Marketing and advertising - 75€

Pre-production - January 18th to April 9th
Filming - April 10th to 17th
Image Post Production - April 17th to May 1st Sound Post Production - May 6th to May 23rd

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