On wheels - Kêlê wants to go further with a car!
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On wheels - Kêlê wants to go further with a car!

In order to reach all communities, we feel the need to have a car, which facilitates the collection and distribution of donations, transporting volunteers, traveling with students

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In order to reach all communities, we feel the need to have a car, which facilitates the collection and distribution of donations, transporting volunteers, traveling with students

We have been developing our work for two years in the village of Guadalupe and in Roça Agostinho Neto with children and young people who need school and personal support. In addition to the three projects in which we work with our volunteers, we want to support the rest of the community in terms of supporting goods, food and accompanying the families of our young people.

After two years on the ground, we already had the opportunity to get to know many other communities in the Lobata district that lack support and do not have any type of organization or entity that promotes support like the ones we promote in our place of action. The biggest obstacle to getting to all these places is the means of transport due to the distances, poor road conditions and the loads to be transported.

Own transport would be fundamental for the distribution of these donations in the most distant communities, and in addition for the transport of volunteers, accompanying children and young people to consultations or other matters, trips for students, collection of donations that arrive in São Tomé , between others.

For all this to be possible, we need your help to reach our goal! We want to impact more communities, more people and bring your solidarity to the heart of every child, young person or family with whom we cross our path.

Embark on this journey with us, let's transform the future of these communities and São Tomé!

KÊLÊ means to believe and we believe!!

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About the author

The Kêlê Association is a non-profit association, which has as its main place of action São Tomé and Príncipe and the focus on education.

We have three projects on the ground, bearing in mind that two of them are in cooperation with the Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Guadalupe. ATL Florinhas de São Francisco (complements studies and develops recreational activities with around 100 children between the 2nd and 6th grades), the Lar Florinhas de São Francisco (home to around 20 young girls between the 7th and 12th grades, supporting them with their studies and their personal development) and the Kêlê na Roça Agostinho Neto project (provides academic and personal support for young people between the 7th and 12th grades).

The Kêlê Association aims to promote the improvement of the quality of life of the population, seeking to guarantee access to inclusive and quality education, the reduction of inequalities through projects and activities of a social, educational and cultural nature, and access to goods necessities such as food and clothing, among others.

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Budget and due dates

We intend to carry out this €22,000 fundraising project for an open-top van for the Kêlê Association by mid-2024.

By the end of 2023 we want to have at least half of the amount raised (€11,000), the rest we hope to get next year.

All proceeds will be used to purchase the van.

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    Thanks for your support! All contributions will help us get further!

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    A big thank you!

    With this contribution you are ensuring that more communities can be helped. Thank you for believing!

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    public thanks

    Kêlê will share your name as a supporter at the end of the campaign! Thank you for helping us acquire a van that will allow us to support more communities with great basic needs.

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    solidarity kit

    We believe that we are together for the same cause and that is why we want to send you a Kêlê t-shirt, a bottle and a pen so that you can remember that your help will make a difference in the lives of several people. Thank you for believing!

    Postman/courier or hand-delivered
    Shipping included (to Portugal)

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    Conversation with Sao Tome

    We are happy to meet the people who support us and help us achieve our goals, so we invite you to meet one of our students from São Tomé so that he can share with you the impact that Kêlê has had on his life. Thank you for believing!

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