CD Saucha: Purity - Mantras and Meditations

CD Saucha: Purity - Mantras and Meditations

"Through Simplicity and Continuous Refinement - Saucha - body, thought and emotions become clear reflections of the Self. Saucha reveals our true nature, allowing for the emerge...

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"Through Simplicity and Continuous Refinement - Saucha - body, thought and emotions become clear reflections of the Self. Saucha reveals our true nature, allowing for the emergence of interest in the discovery of the Self." Yoga Sutras

The Ishwari´s Mantras project is a Devotional Music project, which started in 2011 and has produced 3 CD's.

In 2011 we released the Ishwari´s Mantras CD, in 2014 the CD Light - Luz was born and 2019 is the year of return to the studio, this time with the CD Saucha - The Purity, which is being finalized.

Saucha is a different CD from the previous ones, brings together mantras and meditations. It may just be listened to, which by itself contributes to an experience of Self-expansion, or it may also be taken beyond that, into a devotional practice from the Kundalini Yoga tradition.

Mantras are a very direct form of connection with the divine dwelling within, and upon its touch it enables a connection with the Divinity in its totality. Meditation is already a cleansing process for the mind, purifying the negativity which clouds that divine light. Together, mantras and meditation provide a practice for the elevation of consciousness, which is my intention for anyone who wishes to embark with me on this journey.

This CD-Book includes the music for seven Meditations. Some were already part of the project Ishwari's Mantras but never recorded. Others I composed at Master Shiv Charan Singh's suggestion, and the others were composed and added exclusively to create this CD. Together they are Saucha - The Purity.

Mantras and Meditations included on this CD:

1. Har Har Har Har Gobinday - Meditation to Purify the Subconscious

2. Ad Guray Nameh - Meditation for Projection and Protection from the Heart

3. Ap Sahaee Hoa - Prosperity Meditation

4. Ang Sang Wahe Guru - Meditation for a Grateful Heart

5. Adi Shakti - Adi Shakti Meditation for the Primordial Goddess

6. Pavan - Pran Bhanda Mantra Meditation

7. I Am Sat Nam - Meditation with the Gong


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About the author

Mother of two wonderful girls: Noa and Holi. Training psychologist and musician by vocation. Hers mission is to explore the different dimensions, Body-Mind-Spirit, opening the invitation to understand the transformative and healing potential of each one.


The Ishwari´s Mantras Project started 8 years ago and since 2011 it travels all over the country, with  Meditative Concerts to Yoga schools and Holistic spaces.


This third CD: Saucha - The Purity, had the collaboration of Nuno Barreira, musician, who accompanied the whole process, from the initial arrangements to the final production.


Participated in CD Saucha:


Lisa Bompastor / Ishwari Kaur - Voice, Guitar, Harmonium, Tibetan Cups, Gongs and Production

Nuno Barreira - Guitar, Percussions (udu, cymbals, rain stick, chime), Metallophone and Production

Luísa Vieira - Flutes: transverse, high and pifaro

Paulo Miranda - Synthesizers, Recording, Production and Mastering

Marilia Lopes | Tradi - CD Design, Branding and Photography

Budget and due dates

4,500, € until December 15, 2019

  • Album Production and Mastering
  • Pay musicians
  • CD Duplication | Meditation Book
  • Shipping
  • Design, Marketing and Advertising  

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