SALTO - Short film

SALTO - Short film

After shipwrecking, Carlos together with his colleagues, is dragged to coast. In a fight for his already lost life, Carlos tries to seek salvation by accepting death and leaving...

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After shipwrecking, Carlos together with his colleagues, is dragged to coast. In a fight for his already lost life, Carlos tries to seek salvation by accepting death and leaving his family behind.

Carlos is a 44-year-old fisherman married to Maria and father to Pedro and Tomás. In a week of bad weather off the Portuguese coast, the vessels due to the bad weather were retained days in the ports without possibility to leave. That night with orders from the commander of the vessel, Carlos and the rest his crew are forced to accept the storm to recover the income they lost the previous week.

In that night, the worst happened and the vessel ends up wrecked after a radio call for help. The bodies, along with the wreckage of the vessel, were dragged to shore where Carlos appears to be the only one with signs of life. He try to find help from the people who approach the place where the corpses are but in vain. Throughout this narrative we see the last moment in the family that Carlos had before leaving. A tense atmosphere on the part of Carlos and Maria for fearing the worst. This climate contrasts with the innocence of Pedro and Tomás who were unaware of the risks his father would take that night.

We are students of Cinema of the Universidade Lusófona in Lisbon, and we are currently producing the Short Film "SALTO". We believe that Cinema has the power to tell stories and to count this, we have as main objective to raise allies to this project.

The Short Film "SALTO" is a final year project of the Degree in Cinema, which at the moment is in the pre-production stage so that in May the shooting will take place. For this, we intend with this campaign raise some financial aid, for the project to be carried out.


About the author

We are a team that studies Cinema, Video and Communication and Multimedia. This is our final project. Our team consists of 17 elements and each of us with experience in the different areas of the cinema, we are responsible, professional about our work.

Technical team:

Script - Henrique Guerreiro and Pedro Leite
Director - Henrique Guerreiro
Assistant Director - António Realista
Continuity - Carolina Ferreira

Producer - Vanessa Nunes
Production Coordinator - Filipa Sousa                                                                                                                                                  Production Manager - Pedro Gomes

Cinematography - Pedro Leite

Editing - Henrique Guerreiro
Sound Director - Emanuel Silva

Carlos dá à praia após um naufrágio.

Budget and due dates

Description of project expenses:

Catering - € 723 (VAT inc.)
Locations - € 123 (VAT inc.)
Transport and Travel € 152 (VAT inc.)
Success Commissions and PPL Payments - € 59.96 (VAT inc.)
Others (Production / Post-Production) - € 500 (for estimate)

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    Previous + watch a day of shooting. The day and location will be mutually agreed, and we will be filming in the Lisbon area and the Sesimbra area.

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