Uivo  (Howl) is a documentary about António Sérgio

Uivo (Howl) is a documentary about António Sérgio

“Uivo” (Howl) is a documentary about the radio presenter António Sérgio.

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“Uivo” (Howl) is a documentary about the radio presenter António Sérgio.

To be shot between March and June of 2014, “Uivo” (Howl) is a documentary about the radio presenter António Sérgio.

An ultimate figure of alternative music of Portugal, António Sérgio was born in Benguela in 1950 and in his early followed his father steps in the radiophonic world.

He crossed from Radio Renascença, Radio Comercial, XFM, Radar, presenting mandatory radio-shows for wary audiences such as “Som da Frente” (1982-1993), “Lança-Chamas” (1983-1990) ou “A Hora do Lobo” (1997-2007), where he toasted his listeners with everything that was new in music, from pop to punk, to world music and folk. Many of his followers would rather give him their newly bought record so he can broadcast them, than heard it in their house.

There was more than radio on António Sérgio’s life. He was a writer for magazines such as “Música em Som”, “Rock em Portugal”, “Blitz”, etc. and also worked in the editing business, putting out records such as “Punk Rock ‘77”, and Xutos & Pontapés first single, in his own label “Rotação”.

In “Uivo”, an earned homage is made by the director Eduardo Morais.

To be released in October, this documentary needs some financial support to cover and the expenses in production and post-production between March and June.

A lot of musicians, journalists, editors and radio-presenters and António Sérgio’s friends will give their testimony for this project, being these interviews the larger slice on the budget, along with some post-production honoraries and the help in the animation that a lot of Portuguese designer will have.

About the author

With a degree in Sound and Image, Eduardo Morais began his way on documentary roads with Meio Metro de Pedraa work about the Portuguese Rock’n’roll counterculture since late 50s.

A documentary with more than fifty screenings all over Portugal, and some music festivals in Spain.

Always working on his own, independently and on music based themes, since then he directed “All in Black and Film” about the Portuguese band The Poppers, and just finished “Música em Pó”, a documentary about twelve vinyl collectors.

Eduardo Morais was also invited to do a movie about the sociology of Punk in Portugal, in project by the University of Oporto called “Keep it Simple, Make it Fast”

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  • Nuno Belo

    Doc Uivo António Sérgio

    "Nasci", cresci e vivo com a Música da Frente do Som da Voz do grande António Sérgio. É mais do que merecida esta homenagem em forma de documentário. Obrigado! Nuno Belo.

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