Suport MAPA Newspaper - Crowdfunding 2018

Suport MAPA Newspaper - Crowdfunding 2018

MAPA is a critical information project that publishes a newspaper in Portugal. Through a crowdfunding campaign we wish to suport the projects activity in 2018

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MAPA is a critical information project that publishes a newspaper in Portugal. Through a crowdfunding campaign we wish to suport the projects activity in 2018

Suport MAPA Newspaper - Suport free and critical information

Funding mostly comes from our subscription system, donations and, in a smaller portion, the direct sale of newspapers. Due to the growth of our structure (more collaborators and larger distribution network) there is a growing need of resources and, especially, money. After five years, we have concluded that we need a solid and permanent funding base to face the growth and to continue publishing critical information for many more years.

To face 2018, we need 6000€. These costs, below the real costs of the project, are the minimum threshold for our survival and enables us to plan, comfortably and safely, the economic future of our project without interrupting the newspaper printing.

Distribuir 3000 exemplares tem um certo peso !!

About the author

MAPA is a project of critical information that publishes the quarterly print newspaper MAPA and feeds the website It was founded in 2012 and has since then published 18 issues and grown from 16 to 48 pages.

News, reports, illustration, facts and opinions, from a free perspective and, therefore, away from the influence of political parties or economic groups of any color or flavor. MAPA proposes through its pages the development of critique as food for thought and for practices of autonomy and freedom in all the dimensions of life. A newspaper engendered by an anarchist collective, who sees information as a tool for social transformation, forging a consistent alternative to the mainstream Portuguese media, most of them dependent on political interests and giant media corporations.

MAPA is a tool for the dissemination of ideas and debates around social, environmental and economic struggles uprising in the Portuguese society and in the rest of the world.

In its pages you can regularly find contemporary pungent themes like the transformations and destructive processes in course in the natural and rural territories; the ecological and social implications of current development models, like the energetic or the dietary model, imposed onto the inhabitants of this planet; police brutality, the control of the State over its citizens, cities and urban space. MAPA is a means of communication mas also a territory for resistance in times of war.

O cabeçalho da edição em papel

 How does it work?

 The project is thought and managed by an editorial collective that organizes horizontally through the Associação Mapa Crítico (Critical MAPA Association), and where the use of online resources is essential because of the geographic dispersion of its elements. Decisions about what to publish and how to organize each issue, as well as the whole structure, are made in assembly. All work is voluntary, whether consisting of collaborations, like producing articles, illustration, photography or design, whether in distributing the newspaper or managing the project, both on paper and online. The collective follows an open model through which proposals can be brought to us by readers, subscribers or any interested member of our general audience.  

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Budget and due dates

Duração da campanha: January 16 to March 16

Total: 6000€

Crowdfunding commission:: 516.60€

Printing: 65% (3564.21€)

Distribution: 20 % (1096.68 €)

Fixed costs: 15% (822.51 €)

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