AMATÉRIABRUTA more than recycle is to reuse

AMATÉRIABRUTA more than recycle is to reuse

AMATÉRIABRUTA is a Portuguese brand created in 2013 by architect Ana Matter. It is a concept of jewelry defined as "a recycled jewelery project" designed and created based on th...

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AMATÉRIABRUTA is a Portuguese brand created in 2013 by architect Ana Matter. It is a concept of jewelry defined as "a recycled jewelery project" designed and created based on the use of recycled materials or unique materials and unusual, in which the theme of recycling is the basis of reinterpretation and creation of contemporary pieces and original. The design of parts is based on creating new aesthetic values for some common materials and used in the field of jewelery. Materials such as met...



Are design pieces that include objects that are no longer useful to society, they failed to fulfill the function for which they were intended and shall have a new role. Are pieces designed the "waste".

This concept allows to transform waste into pieces of art, wearable art pieces, reusing and recycling elements for efeito.Dada the concept of uniqueness is achieved at the level of product / part end greatly reduced costs.

In each piece of raw material can be earned in the order 800% to 1000% and in some cases the parts have value 0, in that the piece born reaproveitada.A view field in the near future would conclude agreements / partnerships with manufacturers and industries in order to collect the waste thereof without interest and reconverting the spoils in Gross Matter parts. Ie collect your "junk". In this way it would be a great advantage for all, because the "waste" of some would be used as raw material for product design projecto.Este this concept, in addition to the environmental and economic advantages (to its scale), has an educational component and innovative as it not only raises awareness of the importance of recycling and reuse as allows you to create a new aesthetic concept that breaks with standards and pre-established concepts of globalization, creating a unique and original aspect according to the personality of each. The title of the project is in itself is an original idea not only for the used materials and techniques but also by the resulting pieces that stand out for originality, creativity, individuality and the economic factor and assume a distinctive character to the market in which they operate.

The project is being developed in terms of disclosure. That is, lying in the search phase space or spaces to comercialização.Os costs associated with the design of the product are low and in certain cases the cost is 0.

Since there still existed continuous and effective marketing of the product all income or benefits generated were / are applied in the production of parts. The income obtained in each piece are the order of 1000%. (ranging from 800% to 1000% depending on the materials used) .SUSTENTABILIDADE OF NEGÓCIOEstabelecer partnerships to obtain raw materials (free of charge) on the basis of exchange of interests (eg. company supplies materials / Gross Matter disclosure or offers products in the interest of partner).

About the author

The team consists of three elements. Claudia Barragon is the author and creator of the project with 43 years resident in Oeiras.Licenciada in architecture with a training and artistic interest in the field of painting, sculpture and design.Experiência in business management area, human resources and operational areas.

Luisa Barragon. Resident in Oeiras producer with extensive experience in management and business administration.

José Barragon. Resident in Oeiras, training in artistic setting, designer.

Budget and due dates

Investment needs:

OPTION 1 - 35 000.00€

Project development focusing on marketing the product in third spaces and investing in publicity and marketing in foreign markets and creation of online shops.

OPTION 2 - 90 000.00€

Project development betting on traveling store. Traveling by different tourist sites of Lisbon and its surroundings in order to make known the brand and to drain the pieces.

The project is completed, it is in the process of obtaining investment for the marketing and distribution of parts and brand.

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