A Magia das Letras - Ignis

A Magia das Letras - Ignis

New book A Magia das Letras - Ignis the collection of António Almas.

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New book A Magia das Letras - Ignis the collection of António Almas.

I am a writer of poetic prose , short texts that extol Women and love , in an environment of passion and mystery. My first book was published in 2009, edited by Edium Editores, but since I chose an alternative path , away from the straitjacket of the publishers , and published in 2010 "Reflexos d' Alma" in an edition Print-on-demand, which allows me to lower costs, but also less publicity and less quantity to sell and therefore less sales channels.

In 2011 I launched a small paperback book called "O Livro dos Pensamentos", which recently published (2013 ) the second volume , this project relates to small thoughts and phrases that reveal moods and concerns with everyday. In the year 2012 concludes the project "A Magia das Letras - Aqua", the first volume of a collection of books that focuses on the elements, with a view of passion and soul.

All my work, with the exception of the first "Diário de Sonhos" published in 2009 by Edium Editores, are the result of my work as an author, editor and designer, had very little promotion due to lack of financial means to launch and offer for sale in bookstores, because of the need to invest in quantities. "A Magia das Letras - Aqua" was launched in FNAC de Leiria in November 2012, but due to lack of promotion sales results was limited.

With this new book I intend a more open approach that allows me to interact more with readers and better disseminate my work with the public who actually reads.

About the author

What to say about myself, that I am a "self -made man", I am a writer, a painter, a photographer, and as a profession have something comletamente antagonistic, accounting. I'm 44 years old, born and living in Alentejo, Vila Viçosa, Portugal. I am selftaught in many areas, have a particular taste for detail and love to write and draw on Women. I do nude charcoal, I'm a landscape photographer and write about the art of making love, in all its aspects.

My current Facebook page is supported by about 140 friends who come often to read and comment on my writing, it is this space that have left many of the texts that I later publish.

I began to write in english at a few month's ago, because of a friend couple that lives in Canadá, and the lady can't read Portuguese, so I have starts this new challange.

I have a personal page where I sell my books whose address attached.

And another space from the online publisher where I send my books to be printed that have many of my works here published for sale.


Budget and due dates

Bom este orçamento é um valor aproximado, para poder deter dinheiro para fazer um bom investimento na compra de exemplares para posteriormente disponibilizar em livrarias à consignação, e para poder vender por minha conta através da internet. O preço do livro, colocado aqui ronda os 5,27 euros, digamos que pedindo 190 livros teria um custo aproximado de 1000 euros, ficando os restantes para poder fazer diversas sessões de lançamento pelo país, com o apoio das autarquias locais que me cederiam espaço gratuitamente, teria apenas o custo de deslocar-me para fazer essas apresentações e divulgações o que teria um custo de 300 a 350 euros, o restante valor seria despendido em correspondência e telefonemas para agendar lançamentos, flyeres e cartazes para as sessões de lançamento, entre 150 a 200 euros.

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