(Big) Pequeno Café

(Big) Pequeno Café

We're expanding and taking part of out house to Príncipe Real

We're expanding and taking part of out house to Príncipe Real

who are we?

Pequeno Café e Bistrô opened in March 2020, in Mercado de Arroios, Lisbon. It was four days before the first lockdown, a period of great uncertainty for everyone. Willing to grow and show our business - a kind of second home - to the public, we adapted to the new reality and continued on a take-away basis for about three months.

We then reopened to the public with minor changes to the menu, fewer tables and more distance between them, masks and a lot of determination. These were two years marked by changes in legislation, which required a lot of calm and flexibility. With the world situation, it became even clearer for us the need to create a welcoming environment, a small refuge. We are a neighborhood cafe and restaurant, we bring homemade, local, seasonal, organic and vegetarian food to Arroios, as well as several vegan options.

The goal at Pequeno has always been to welcome guests as if they were at home, to offer quality food in a welcoming environment, to draw our audience's attention to good nutrition and balance, thus encouraging conscious decision-making. We work, whenever possible, with local suppliers, organic food , emphasizing direct contact with the producer. We believe that relationships, above all, are personal and we make a point of knowing the entire journey of our product and the people who are part of its process. We take to the families of our customers (Miguel, Bárbara, Susana, Ricardo, Carolina, Sofia, Marta, Bruno; and many others) the food made by Tomáš, Duda, Dani and Ira, but planted by Carlos, harvested by Maria, delivered by Felipe. Gonçalo's specialty coffee came from Brazil to be roasted in Portugal, surprising taste buds and enchanting hearts. Accompanied by a fresh cake, there's nothing like it. In the late afternoon, nothing like a natural wine made by Hugo, a craft beer from Henrique or a kombucha made by us. We are more than a restaurant, we have created a small community that looks at its consumption in a conscious way, that is fond of its relationship with food and creates a small affectionate network. Nice to meet you, we are Pequeno!

what do we want going forward?

We intend to bring to the heart of Príncipe Real part of what we already do in Mercado de Arroios, with the same principle. A convivial place, good food, good service, a place where customers will always feel welcomed, a little piece of our home - and theirs too. With the possibility of expanding to a larger space, we also see the opportunity to bring awareness to food and our part in the food industry. We make from scratch most of the products we sell, we stay away from ultra-processed products and we look more and more closely at what we consume - as people and companies. We are aware and diverse, we welcome with a smile and embrace all audiences. We want to build a safe place for everyone, where welcoming is the main thing. Pequeno is our home, and we want it to be our customers' too. We want to bring our homemade food to more people, snacks that feed body and soul, that bring a smile to your face in the middle of a busy day.

and how can you be part of it?

We have already found the physical space to call our new home, but we need help to remodel it, to give it our little touch. With the money from the crowdfunding, we will make small repairs, buy the equipment and decor we need so that we are ready to welcome you with open arms.

About the author

We are all entrepreneurs, immigrants, passionate about food and socializing around the table.

Tomás: Slovakian with a big heart who has lived in France, Indonesia and Brazil. In love with the sun and sea, a free-spirited Aquarius, who wakes up every day ready to dance around. Not a day goes by without him talking about travel; some to our thoughts and some actual travels.

Duda: Carioca born in Brasilia who always traveled around looking for a little place to call her own and ended up in Lisbon. A pastry chef by training, a self-confessed gastronomy nerd. She likes a beer in the late afternoon, doesn't say no to coffee, could spend days reading lying in a hammock and thinks the world needs more hugs.

Dani: shiatsu therapist, Oli's mother and macrobiotic enthusiast. She puts a lot of love and dedication into everything she does; watching Dani cut vegetables is a show on its own. Some team members say that Dani is our big mom, because she is always there taking care of everyone with great affection.

Ira: she lived in France for a long time and may even try to deny it, but sometimes she lets out a little French accent in the middle of her sentences. Uli's mother, crazy about wines, music and books. She has a look of her own for the world and will be a friendly shoulder whenever someone needs it.

Budget and due dates

We already have the space there in Príncipe Real, and it already comes with a lot of what we need. But we need some renovations and details to leave Pequeno with the look we already know. Pequeno from Arroios took two years to open, right? Wel...  we want the Princípe Real one to open in two months! Bold and crazy idea? Perhaps! The month of July was for planning, and August will be hands-on! If everything goes as planned, we will open the doors in September :)

how are you going to help us?

3000€ - purchase of small machines and utensils that we lack
1500€ - small repairs, paintings and licenses
1400€ - decorative objects, plants and stickers with our name
€599.63 - PPL commission

totaling the 6500€ that we are trying to collect

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50% reached

We've just achieved half the target! The glass is now more full than empty ;)

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We're now 20

We reached the first 20 backers. Let's keep up!

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First five backers

We've gathered the first 5 backers. Hurray!

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