The Banal Days - By Jorge Coimbra

The Banal Days - By Jorge Coimbra

Campaign to promote Jorge Coimbra's book, "Os Dias Banais".

Campaign to promote Jorge Coimbra's book, "Os Dias Banais".


Welcome to the PPL campaign for the book Os Dias Banais by Jorge Coimbra.
We decided to do this campaign because we believe it is an opportunity that brings something special to
all. Not only will they be able to help an author to launch his book, but in doing so, they will also be helping a
another author to launch his book, João Botelho, by being attributed a percentage of the amount raised. THE
idea is to create a mutual assistance behavior in the Portuguese artistic and cultural world. The work of an author
helps another author. They will also receive a bookmark from Jorge Coimbra.

»About the Book OS DIAS BANAIS

“Finally, the police had to intervene and came to say, with a characteristic police and bossy air, that that man was lame and that, therefore, he had the right to pass in front of everyone. If they didn't know the law, they would know. But he knew well that all they wanted to do was not to give their turn to a guy who couldn't stand. Bunch of selfish and unscrupulous. It was then that the fury turned against the police and the laws. He ceased to exist, fortunately. There was no right ... they were there because they were sick, they wanted to know about the lame. And the policeman replied that the lame was sick and lame, so he was in worse circumstances than them, who were not lame (...) ”

Also, in this society, everything and everyone - all lives - are measured by productivity, by the stupid, blind and monotonous rule, by the measure of time and the corresponding income of each individual. People have only use value and are quickly discarded. Everything is trivial. Day by day, routines are commonplace, done mechanically and almost without realizing it. There is no chance nor is desirable the existence of affective commitment.

In short, these are the banal days.

»About support for João Botelho's book Arrive and sail - Porto de Leixões

_ the book I am about to edit, is the culmination of many years of work throughout my life, in the port area.
Knowledge of the way work works or develops daily in a docking and exit space, observing the problems of loading and unloading, storage and dispatch of goods and people, as well as a good relationship with all stakeholders in this process, their beauty and effort, transformed the Porto de Leixões space into a fantastic field for collecting images, repository of moments, objects and affections.
It is, therefore, a visual narrative that uses images of loading and unloading of ships, their sailors, moorers, pilots, port personnel and all spaces, deposits and artefacts, for the development of port activity.
Arrive and set sail!

About the author

Jorge Coimbra was born in Mozambique in 1945. He took an architecture course at the Escola Superior de Belas-Artes do Porto. He worked in an architecture studio for some years and later was a teacher in secondary, professional and higher education. He is co-author of several articles and studies related to the area of his training (architecture theory) and also authored, in partnership, the book “ Sine Qua Non - The Ideology of Habitation ” ( A Rule of the Game , 1986). He published the fictional works “ É Assim Não É ” (Chiado Editora, 2015); " And if you need anything ... (Sítio do Livro, 2017) and" Op.3 Nº2 "(Emporium Editora, 2019).
Having also dedicated himself to painting and photography, he has regularly held collective and individual exhibitions, both in Portugal and abroad.

Budget and due dates

»Budget and Schedule

The total amount obtained will serve to support the costs of:

1. Edition, Printing, Rewards, Shipping costs, PPL Commission for the book Os Dias Banais;

2. Support for the start of João Botelho's book Chegar e Zarpar;

3. June / July: Printing of the book The Banal Days and Sending of Rewards

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