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Empowering children and families, focusing on interpersonal relationships and responding to the needs and interests of children and their caregivers, through play and educationa...

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Empowering children and families, focusing on interpersonal relationships and responding to the needs and interests of children and their caregivers, through play and educational and recreational activities that arise at each session

We intend with this campaign to create 3 groups, each with 12 children and 10 caregivers, for a year, in the municipality of Oeiras.

Through the play groups methodology for inclusion of the Learn, Play, Grow Groups, the Project promotes early childhood support for children from 0 to 4 years of age who do not attend kindergartens and their caregivers (mother, father , siblings, grandparents, mistresses ...). The approach to a socio-educational environment, with access to didactic-pedagogical resources of school context, which allows the development of competences with professional support, with two sessions of two hours, twice a week.

The pilot experience from 2015 to 2016 reached 500 children and their caregivers and resulted in the emphasis on caring for children's ability to maintain positive relationships, control of attention and behavior regulation, stimulation of pre-academic competencies by caregivers, and the development of visuospatial capabilities. According to Amélia Borges, director of the Sagrada Família Center, this project is ... a response that should exist in all kindergarten and pre-school schools.

Those who attended the groups state:

"The fact that my daughter and I attended the group facilitated not only their adaptation in day care, but also my own adaptation as a mother to this new reality" Leiliane, Carolina's mother

"It has been spectacular at all levels ... there is a lot of affection, there is a lot of interaction ..." Joana, Maria's mother

"It's an innovative project and I wish it had continuity" Ana, Marta and Sofia's mother

In this campaign, we have the support of the EDP Foundation in the amount of € 5,000, if we can raise at least the other € 5,000, which makes up € 10,000 necessary for the implementation of the Project.

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About the author

The Sagrada Família Center develops activities focused on the educational area (nursery, from 4 to 36 months, preschool, from 3 to 5 years, holiday camp from 6 to 13 years) and in the support to the community through the Project "Families with Soul". The last activity includes two axes of intervention: contributing to inclusion and empowerment (different intervention strategies, such as food, hygiene and comfort, health and education / training and employment: Kitchen Talents and Entrapment Groups for Job Search), and ensure the reduction of isolation (activities: Learning Group, Play, Grow-Open Room, Senior Grandmothers Academy and Company / Knowledge and Volunteer Workshop).

Budget and due dates

The project budget for one year is € 10 000:

- € 1 800 will finance the costs for recipients: insurance;

- € 5 393.05 will finance the human resources costs: sociocultural animator, monitors and general services auxiliary;

- € 2 250 will finance the direct costs with preparation, development, monitoring and evaluation: books and technical documentation, teaching materials, study visits and other materials;

- € 556.95 will finance general project costs: water, electricity, communications, among others.

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