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We must take care of it

Having land ownership is the main guarantee of long-term management oriented towards the production of biodiversity

Having land ownership is the main guarantee of long-term management oriented towards the production of biodiversity

MONTIS is an association aimed to promote nature conservation and the production of biodiversity that has adopted a model managing marginal land, where the lack of economic viability has given way to abandonment.

MONTIS already has 17.3 ha of land, of which 5.5 ha in Vouzela and 11.3 in Pampilhosa da Serra were purchased through crowdfunding campaigns, which took place in 2014 and 2019, respectively. See https://montisacn.com.

Our management model is based on a strategic use of scarce resources, taking advantage of and acting on natural processes to promote biodiversity. It is also intended to obtain greater economic value and increase the resilience of the most complex systems, particularly in relation to fire, seeking to achieve more socially useful results.

In 2024 we celebrate our 10th anniversary (MONTIS was founded on March 21, 2014). To mark this anniversary, we want to continue our efforts to expand our own areas.

And with this campaign, we want to solve a management problem: to be able to take better advantage of land purchase opportunities. Many times, the purchase of land involves very short periods of opportunity that imply payments in short terms, incompatible with the lack of capital at that time, even if it is possible to mobilize resources later.

Thus, what we want is to create a fund that allows a permanent availability of resources for quick decisions that do not depend on the goodwill of the seller, regardless of the fact that, for each property we buy, we can develop fundraising activities to replenish the reserve value of the fund.

This campaign will only finance the purchase of land, which management will be ensured with the normal resources of MONTIS.

We are also committed to an annual reinforcement of the fund in the amount of 1% from MONTIS revenues, with the aim of increasing MONTIS capacity to buy land based on the result of the campaign.

To ensure transparent and open accounting of the fund, it will be managed through a bank account dedicated to its operation. In addition, a web page will be created on the MONTIS website (https://montisacn.com), with the balance constantly updated, transaction history and properties acquired through this mechanism.

The areas purchased by MONTIS are primarily managed for conservation purposes, and there is a commitment to free access to anyone who wants to verify for themselves the results of the management that is being carried out.

Join us! You will be the owner of these spaces of freedom for nature and you can also be rewarded with activities specially designed for you and those closest to you.

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About the author

MONTIS - Association for Nature Management and Conservation is a non-governmental, non-profit organization with a national scope. It was created on March 21, 2014 and focuses on managing territories, with relevance to the conservation of natural values. It is headquartered in Vouzela, Viseu. It currently manages around 300 hectares, of which 17.3 hectares are owned by MONTIS.

The association, which currently has around 400 members, Portuguese and foreign, has as its central objectives ensuring the development of natural processes, promoting the conservation of natural values, intelligently managing natural risks, such as fire, and increasing the market value of biodiversity.

MONTIS' mission involves the production of biodiversity through the management of natural heritage, which is participatory, transparent and open to all.

MONTIS follows a management model with an adaptive logic, which focuses its activity on the direct management of land, its own or that of third parties with which it has long-term management agreements, involving the community and with conservation objectives.

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Budget and due dates

It is intended to endow the fund with a capital of twenty thousand euros (20 000 euros).

The cost of acquiring marginal properties is variable, depending on numerous factors such as location, size, current land use, seller's expectations and buyer's interest. For each identified purchase opportunity, an evaluation form is created by the MONTIS team, which will support the value negotiated with the seller.

Using €2.000/hectare as a reference value, it would be possible to purchase around 10 hectares (for which registration costs and taxes need to be included). However, as it is intended that the fund will mainly solve a cash flow problem to buy land, and that the initial value will be restored later, it is admitted that these twenty thousand euros may allow the purchase of land above that value, if the sign of a purchase with good expectations of subsequent financing is assured.

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