From eucalyptus to native woods
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From eucalyptus to native woods

Convert the eucalyptus trees from the properties that MONTIS bought in Pampilhosa da Serra

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  • This campaign started on 06/10/2020 and will only be funded if at least 18 730€ is raised until 04/12/2020 - 18:00 WET.

Convert the eucalyptus trees from the properties that MONTIS bought in Pampilhosa da Serra

MONTIS manages marginal areas for the purpose of nature conservation.

In 2019, we bought 6 parcels in the municipality of Pampilhosa da Serra. Two of them, Covões and Barroco Frio, are partially occupied by eucalyptus with no interest for conservation or production.

Covões, with 2.6 ha, is occupied, in 70%, by abandoned eucalyptus. In the rest of the area there are Mediterranean scrubland with strawberry trees, cork and Holm oak, and also a riparian gallery next to the Unhais river, with alders, willows, and others.

Barroco Frio, with 2.3 ha, is occupied, in 40%, by eucalyptus. The rest of the area also includes Mediterranean scrub and, to the south, the Unhais riparian gallery.

After some time looking for solutions and partners for its conversion, it was decided to proceed based on MONTIS’ own resources, and on the resources from those who want to see these examples, with easily working techniques, increasing their pedagogical value and replicability.

The investment is aimed at converting the eucalyptus into native flora and natural regeneration of the bush areas. This includes the cutting of the eucalyptus and the formative pruning of the native species, stimulating growth in height, the shading of the soil to control brushwood and the vertical discontinuity of fuels. If feasible, a controlled fire, will help to make the forest more resilient to fire and climate change.”

Vista da envolvente das propriedades Covões e Barroco Frio


To reconvert the eucalyptus trees that MONTIS bought, of reduced economic or ecological interest, into biodiverse native woods.


  • With clearcutting of the eucalyptus, without removing stumps, and managing the sprouting that results from the cutting (today, each stump has several branches, due to the lack of management) until the energy accumulated in the stumps and roots is exhausted. This less technically demanding option, although more demanding in work, will take 3 to 4 years until eucalyptus dies by exhaustion
  • If feasible, with a controlled fire after the cutting, to reduce fuel accumulation and make nutrients available to plants
  • With soil retention actions, increasing natural capital and improving the conditions for the evolution of native flora
  • Conducting natural regeneration to accelerate the recovery process
  • If reasonable, with seedlings of indigenous species and localized plantations
  • With the collection, in parallel, of biodiversity data that allows the evaluation of management effects (direct observation, photo-trapping and bioblitz), registering it in public biodiversity data platforms

These options, not being the fastest or most efficient to produce results, allow ordinary people to be involved in the process, based on volunteering. Community involvement is central to the project and has a pedagogical component that aims to stimulate the critical spirit necessary for better management for the conservation of biodiversity.

Galeria rípicola do rio Unhais

About the author

MONTIS - Association for the management and conservation of Nature is a non-governmental, and non-profit, nationwide organization. Its headquarters are in Vouzela, Viseu, was created on March 23rd, 2014, and its main objective is to manage territories, with relevance to the conservation of natural values.

The central objectives of this association, which currently has about 483 members, both Portuguese and foreign, are to guarantee the development of natural processes, to promote the conservation of native species, to wisely manage forest fires and other natural risks, and to increase the value of the biodiversity market.

Budget and due dates

Budget for 5 years of implementation (2020-2024): € 18 730

Eucalyptus clearcutting (in case that there are no interested ones in the clearcutting): € 3,877

Management of fine forest fuels (for example: control of scrub and litter, namely through controlled fire): 2 900 €

Management activities (including volunteering weekends, corporate volunteering, one day volunteering, bioblitz, etc.): 6 100 €

Management costs (administrative, communication, and personnel costs for organizing and monitoring activities): 4 125 €

Commissions on the PPL platform: 1,728 €

If the campaign exceeds the amount to be raised, the surplus will be used to purchase land for nature conservation.

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