"A Minha Casa" Residency
Giving Tuesday 2020
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"A Minha Casa" Residency

The project intends to entail support to install air conditioning and black outs in the rooms. Give essential comfort to 17 residents - people with intellectual disabilities. Th...

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The project intends to entail support to install air conditioning and black outs in the rooms. Give essential comfort to 17 residents - people with intellectual disabilities. This support is essential for the quality of life. We count on you!

“Residential structures for people with disabilities, despite a significant evolution, are still little focused on new intervention models, which favor a dynamic institutional project, guiding and respecting the residents' individual projects.” (Armando Leandro, 2005)

Nirje (1972) defended the need to create conditions for the person with any difficulty to be treated with respect, taking into account their opinions, choices and aspirations in any decision that affected them. This work shows that there is no Personal Life Project without decision, without self-evaluation, where gains and losses are products of the individual path and assume an integral part of history, where the Self assumes the power to decide about itself.

The right of all residents to “(…) a life project that enhances their abilities and values ​​them as individuals.” Is also a concept advocated in the Manual of Good Practice (Armando Leandro, 2005).

The residence, with the resident as the target of its action, must be a house with characteristics and a model of its own organization that distinguishes it from other models.

It is intended that this house, constitutes a space of sharing, companionship, respect, where values ​​and principles emerge from a dynamic construction giving it character and authenticity.

There is not only one choice. It is intended that the character of the house be built, in a creation where residents assume an active role, giving the space meaning and the true sense of belonging. In order to meet the life projects of each resident, it is imperative that this creation be promoted in an environment of freedom, where warmth, comfort and protection are linked to each other's individuality, promoting well-being and respect among all.

With this project we intend to link support to install heating equipment (air conditioning), and put black outs in the rooms of the residence, in order to bring essential comfort to 17 residents.

The heating as well as the furniture are essential for the quality of life.

APPACDM of Viana do Castelo is a non-profit social solidarity institution that cannot, by itself, and without the support of companies and the community in general, meet these expenses.

We count on You to support our cause and bring comfort and warmth to "My House"!

About the author

The Ponte de Lima Delegation of APPACDM Viana do Castelo started its activity in 1999 in the village of Ponte de Lima. APPACDM is an institution that responds to people with intellectual disabilities and their families. This delegation has a multidisciplinary team of professionals from various areas: occupational assistants, general service assistants, monitors, direct action assistants, psychologist, physical education teacher, occupational therapist, speech therapist, ceramist, being the figure of the technical direction. of the 3 valences (occupational activity center, vocational training center and residential home) a professional with over 30 years of experience and occupational therapy-based training. This team of professionals has collaborators with many years of experience and others with less years of experience in the area accepted the challenge linked by the dynamism and motivation of the team, which are reflected in the various projects undertaken by this delegation, mostly with the community participation at local and national level. This team presents a dynamic and innovative work in the area of ​​intellectual difficulties, in constant personal and professional formation. Betting on intervention by the plastic and performing arts, with artistic manifestations in the community through the space "Studio of Arts" and the Company of Performing Arts In Motion. With this same dynamism and commitment and passion this team embraced the Residence as another valence, aiming to make it a true home for those who reside there.

Budget and due dates

Air-condition pre-existing areas with MITSHUBISHI / DAIKIN INVERTER type air conditioning equipment. = TOTAL OF 13742.02 EUROS (MORE TAXES IN FORCE)

Supply and application of Black-Out screen with dimensions of 2mts in length and 2.70mts in height, in white, with manual opening. (2 rolls per room for 4 bedrooms) = € 4,665.60

The amount raised will allow at least the placement of black outs by the end of January 2020.

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