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Helping Hand Project

1- PROSAUDESC - Association of Health, Environment and Socio-Cultural Development Promoters is a Private Social Solidarity Institution - IPSS, based in Lisbon and founded in Apr...

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1- PROSAUDESC - Association of Health, Environment and Socio-Cultural Development Promoters is a Private Social Solidarity Institution - IPSS, based in Lisbon and founded in Apr...

1- PROSAUDESC - Association of Health, Environment and Socio-Cultural Development Promoters is a Private Social Solidarity Institution - IPSS, based in Lisbon and founded in April 2000.

We apply for financing for the purchase / purchase of a residence. However all the help will be welcome. Therefore, we are available to receive other alternatives, namely the transfer of half-empty buildings in which we can rehabilitate; as well as other supports such as appliances, computers, toiletries, screens, as well as public figures who want to give voice to the project.

The delivery of equipment or other goods may be made at the Association's space, at Rua Raul Rego lot no. 12- Alta de Lisboa - Parish of Santa Clara- Lisboa. For financial support, please contact us by email,, facebook / instagram.

For any further information, please contact us at 935459365, 309900247.

Dear Donors

On December 3rd, don't be indifferent. GIVING HAND will be a gesture of solidarity, humanitarian and mutual happiness in GIVING TUESDAY. Make a difference for a Good Cause!


Nature and Mission

1 - The first phase consisted of listening to the patients and characterizing them, raising awareness among public and private entities;

2 - The second phase of the project, already considered moments of action, was to support the patients in order to minimize the difficulties and problems they face.

The third and final phase of this project aims, as a matter of urgency, to acquire / build // adapt an infrastructure for the implementation of a temporary assisted residence to accommodate patients, particularly women / mothers with children who are dispersed in precarious situations, misery and inhuman living conditions, making treatment difficult and due follow-up.


2.1 - Welcome, promote and provide support and care for patients with PALOPS evacuated with medical joints.

2.2- The relevance of this project phase, in terms of objectives, will have a double response with innovative character, as in addition to host and integrated services, will provide women / beneficiaries of the project, alternatives through training, acquisition of personal skills, social for the project of future life after medical discharge.


3.1.– Purchase of furniture, equipment, materials, and / or adaptation of an assisted residence;

3.2 –To provide psychosocial support to patients and caregivers, coming from vulnerable cooperation agreements resident in the Lisbon metropolitan area.

3.3 - Encourage synergies, continuous mobilization and establishment of partnerships;

3.4 - Promote sustainability for the operability of the residence;


Saint Thomas and Prince Patients Evacuated with Medical Joints (Women and Mothers with Children)


5.1-Guarantee temporary housing for 20 to 30 women with children / patients; Contribute to the improvement of quality of life, emotional balance and well-being; Ensure the provision of health care to medical board members; Contribute to the occupation of leisure time during your stays in Portugal; Reduce the negative impact on those affected by avoiding social exclusion; Articulate with the embassy for the management of patients in terms of temporary care (departure and entry of new patients); Invest in accompanying patients and caregivers, from their arrival to their return to the country of origin;

About the author

The Association's mission is to promote health and social action, aimed at empowering the most disadvantaged and vulnerable communities. In preventive terms, it consists of raising awareness, training / informing about disease prevention and health education. As a community-based organization with outreach services, it has also assumed an important role in solving concrete problems in the area of ​​social action, decisively strengthening the means available to combat / minimize poverty and social exclusion through care and social support, thus providing a better quality of life for the Communities. Over the years, he has developed several projects, supporting families and the elderly. And alongside these target groups, it has also been supporting evacuated PALOPS citizens / patients with medical boards that come through some complex arrangements and with many shortcomings in their operation. Because the patients coming to Portugal, in addition to the serious health problems they bring, are people, most of them women, in a situation of vulnerability and psychologically affected with numerous social problems. Embassies and Consolates with deficiencies in responsiveness are managed by the limited means available to their countries. On the other hand, the agreements signed in 1977 with the Portuguese Government for a price of 150 to 200 patients per year no longer correspond to current realities. Many have no family support and face many survival difficulties, extreme poverty and inhumanly deplorable situations. One of the biggest difficulties is the lack of housing. They live in houses with no minimum living conditions, others in overcrowded rooms including with children / newborns, each with its own pathology endangering public health. Some stay in hospitals for a long time, even creating hospital management difficulties for other patients. These patients are not accompanied by treatment and often the language barrier and literacy constitute difficulties in intervention. Most of these patients are scattered throughout the Lisbon metropolitan area. Although this is a State Matter in which the slowness of responses overlaps with humanitarian principles and values, PROSAUDESC as a Private Social Solidarity Institution has a duty to lend a hand where the state cannot reach. Thus the Association decided to present this application (Giving Hand) to the Giving Tuesday Campaign. Lending a Hand is a 3-stage social project, all relevant and complementing each other.

Budget and due dates


1 - Space Purchase -------------------------------------------- 850 000 euros

2 - Administrative documents and deed --------------- 5250 euros

3.- Acquisition of real estate and equipment ----------------- 15000 euros

4 - Lending expenses ---------------------------------------- 5000 euros

Total Expenses ------------------------------------------------------- 875 250 euros

Mon, 29/11/2021 - 06:10


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