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Giving Tuesday 2020

Lavandaria do Bairro

It is intended to implement a Social Laundry in the neighborhood of São Domingos, Setúbal, to use the needy population of the CSPSS, through the acquisition of an industrial was...

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It is intended to implement a Social Laundry in the neighborhood of São Domingos, Setúbal, to use the needy population of the CSPSS, through the acquisition of an industrial washing machine, an industrial dryer and ironing.

The creation of the Neighborhood Laundry will ensure access to cleaning of personal and housing laundry for the target audience of the CSPSS Community Center, who cannot always take care of hygiene due to housing (often without a washing machine) or economic (visa when in the event of a breakdown you cannot purchase new equipment and do not always get donations from individuals or companies to replace them.

At a social price they can leave their clothes to wash and iron, which is an asset for people who, due to physical or mental illness or architectural barriers of housing, are unable to perform these tasks. It will also be an appropriate response to the elderly population living in the CSPSS intervention neighborhoods that no longer have the physical conditions to do so.

It is also envisaged that a self-service machine can be purchased to increase responsiveness for the most autonomous people.

You can donate in two ways: by offering the equipment (industrial washing machine, industrial dryer, ironing machine) directly at the headquarters of the São Sebastião Parish Social Center or through donation on the Crowdfunding PPL platform.

About the author

The São Sebastião Parish Social Center (CSPSS) is an IPSS with the Community Center social response since 2006, which aims to respond to the social, psychological and economic needs of its target audience through daily support to children (leisure activities), elderly (social center) and needy families, and with a strong component of community intervention, in order to promote the empowerment and empowerment of their target audience. It has partnerships with several similar institutions and is part of the POAPMC food support consortium. By 2020 it will have implemented the Neighborhood Kitchen, a community project for cooking and selling food at cost price, to ensure that the food need is met and to hold all its recipients responsible for change. It has in its team 1 Technical Director, 1 Psychologist, 2 Social Assistants, 2 Sociocultural Animators, 1 Monitor, 1 General Services Assistant and 1 Administrative.

Budget and due dates

The project will be implemented as soon as the washing machines and textiles are purchased following the #GivingTuesday campaign. It is foreseen to raise € 6000, budgeted amount, or the donation of the respective equipment.

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