Giving wings to health
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Giving wings to health

Project of emotional management of clients through the promotion of short trips.

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Project of emotional management of clients through the promotion of short trips.

Asfe Saúde is an IPSS that has several valences, its largest being the Continuous Care Unit. It is a daily challenge to find ways to help our clients in their physical recovery, but also in their emotional well-being. It is proven that the emotional states of individuals play a major role in vulnerability to disease and in the rehabilitation process (Agostinho, 2008).

In this sense, we thought of creating a project that will provide our clients with experiences they have never had the opportunity to experience, so that they can get rid of their health problems, and come alive, for the daily battle that is their recovery and recovery. the much desired homecoming.

The idea is to make small flights and stays in Portugal, as they could not autonomously make these trips, either financially, family or socially. Many of our clients have never had the opportunity to get to know other regions, sleep at tourist sites and experience a flight.

We would be giving a new experience to change the day, the week, the life of a person.

Objectives: Health

About the author

The Aid Association of the Parish of Encarnação, ASFE SAÚDE, headquartered in the São Domingos Residência building, at Rua da Bela Vista No. 30, Encarnação, Municipality of Mafra, was established on May 7, 1987, is a Private Social Solidarity Institution. (IPSS) recognized as a Public Utility Legal Entity.

The Register of its Statutes was drawn up by the inscription No. 10/90 to pages 38 back of Book 1 of Institutions for Health, made on 14/03/88, according to Decree-Law 119/83 of 25 February , as published in the Diário República No. 268 of 11/20/90 - III series, registered with the Civil Government services of the Lisbon District, existing on that date, under the terms of no. 15 of Decree-Law No. 594/74 of 7 November.

Dedicated until 2007, almost exclusively, to the Transport of Patients activity in its headquarters area: Mafra municipality and neighboring municipalities.

In November of that year, the institution's expansion project was inaugurated, inaugurating the São Domingos Residencia space where the Continuous Care Unit began, with protocols with the National Continuous Care Network, and the Senior Residence, with the purpose of aim to provide new health and social offers to the population.

With the accumulated experience, other valences were realized:

  • The Continuing Care Unit has grown in size from 2 to 4 response types;
  • Development of health care and rehabilitation in a private regime as part of the Inpatient Unit;
  • The ASFE HEALTH Clinic has medical specialties, clinical analysis, daily appointments of unmarked general practitioners, medical examinations, ultrasounds, etc .;
  • The Social Action Center (CAS) aims to support families and the most economically and socially disadvantaged individuals as well as the older population.
  • The Home Support Service (ASFECARE) is designed to provide an integrated response to home care, meal service, personal hygiene and home-based healthcare. This service has begun to be sought by clients who prefer to maintain care in their home.
  • The STUDASFE, is a support center for the study, explanations and playfulness, for children and young people of all education cycles, which aims the continuous formation for the academic and personal success of all its students.
  • CLDS + Mafra was a project developed at the municipal level, lasting 24 months (Jun / 2013 to Jun / 2015), where ASFE was the Local Coordinating Entity of the Partnership, having as project promoters the Municipality of Mafra, the Vocational Training Employment Institute (IEFP) and the Mafra Municipality Social Network.

As part of its activity and as a form of recognition, it was awarded, on May 9, 2013, the Municipality Medal - Gold Grade - for merit and services provided in the health area.

It is with this vast experience, always attentive to changes, that arise both in terms of new equipment and continuous training of all workers, that we propose to respond to requests, always serve with better quality and full commitment to the services we provide and provide. in the relationship with the entities we collaborate with.

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