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HELP US address the most pressing needs of the Cradle (Care for at-risk children) and the Social Refectory.

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HELP US address the most pressing needs of the Cradle (Care for at-risk children) and the Social Refectory.

This Institution needs your support to be able to start up 2 projects:

The project of the cradle is called "" FUTURE WITH HOPE " and allows, on the one hand, to accumulate individualized work with children through the social response cradle, allowing to identify and enhance the best of each child in a preventive perspective. and / or overcoming.

On the other hand, it enables the integrated and collaborative work with the families of the children received, in the context of daily life, more closely, empowering them with their personal, social, relational potential and the community resources they need to help in the exercise. of their parental and affective responsibility for the (re) integration of the child.

Working with families is fundamental to the realization of the children's life project. The conviction of the prevalence of children in the family as a structuring and securizing environment, as a first instance of reception and socialization, underlies this intervention that is intended to be developed in cases where families alone cannot guarantee the protection and safety function. for your children. We will promote with families a bright future where their elements can be happy and autonomous.


the second project is called "LONGEVITY WITH QUALITY" whose purpose is to equip a room with its own equipment for the application of Snoezelen multisensory therapy to low-income individuals, which makes it impossible for them to have access to these therapies otherwise, and with a clinical picture of: Alzheimer's; Parkinson's; senile dementia and children with learning disabilities and psychiatric problems.


The Snoezelen room is designed to meet the user's motivation, interest, leisure, relaxation, therapeutic and / or educational needs.

Exposure to snoezelen room multisensory stimulation equipment and materials gives older people a greater expression of positive emotions, pleasure in performing stimulation activities; also providing that these users are more willing to interact and dialogue; in a better mood; less depressed and sad; less boring and inactive; with a less negative attitude / humor and even less reluctant to perform other activities, being more interested. People taking this therapy will improve aspects of: physical health; the cognitive field, learning and skills development; and emotional scope.

In a preventive and pain-relieving aspect or facilitator of learning or discovery of emotions and reactions, Snoezelen's room is undoubtedly a fertile field of discoveries and possibilities for the promotion of a better quality of life (more autonomy is achieved). , more independence and more dignity)





Fight against poverty and social exclusion, the elderly, childhood and youth

About the author

It is the mission of Our Lady of Fatima Parish Social Center to contribute to the improvement of the customer's quality of life through the provision of services with innovation, personalization and quality, in order to obtain customer satisfaction at all stages of their life, namely childhood, youth and senior age, and collaborators, respecting the community and the environment.


Our Lady of Fatima Parish Social Center aims to be an attentive and innovative institution whose concern is social development, continuously seeking a balance between the various age groups (childhood, youth and senior age), providing mutual, intergenerational, healthy coexistence. and innovative. It aims to be a benchmark in community service, creating new responses and improving existing ones.

Quality policy

Meet the needs and expectations of customers, their families and employees through:

  • continuous improvement of services;
  • employee involvement;
  • effective management of available resources;
  • continuous training of professionals;
  • active participation in activities of other institutions;
  • the close proximity between services and the population;
  • compliance with the legal, regulatory and other requirements applicable to the Institution.

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