Animation "feeds" the heart!
Giving Tuesday 2020

Animation "feeds" the heart!

We need help to be able to do different activities with our seniors in order to provide active and quality aging!

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We need help to be able to do different activities with our seniors in order to provide active and quality aging!

Fontelas People's House is an entity that daily provides to their seniors care and services essential to their well-being and quality of life.

Animation is one of the essential factors in the daily lives of seniors, who see their busy time experiencing new experiences each day. As such, we urge the involvement of the whole community to support us by donating monetary goods or teaching materials / equipment that can contribute to active work in streamlining activities, combating isolation and providing personal enrichment and increased self-esteem. esteem in this target audience, so often forgotten by society itself!

Goods can be delivered to our premises: Lugar do Mato do Viso - 5050-028 - Fontelas - Peso da Régua, or other location to be arranged.

About the author

"Help us feed the hearts of our seniors!" - In our IPSS it is crucial to age with quality, so we consider that the activities and dynamics of animation are a fundamental means for the seniors to feel active and fulfilled. Rather than just watching time go by, we want time to come to life, and daily to provide a renewed sense of life with new experiences, notably through cognitive, physical and intellectual stimulation.

To this end, the acquisition of equipment and materials is the basis of our goal to be achieved through this campaign.

Given that, daily, we face financial difficulties, which often does not allow us to go further in the field of animation!

Budget and due dates

Funds will have as their main destination the acquisition of didactic means that provide differentiated daily activities for our seniors, as well as cultural tours that allow them to live with new realities and experiences.

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