Help me to create my first audio book!

Help me to create my first audio book!

An audio book for Free for alo! Help me to help! We can do the diference in someones life.

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An audio book for Free for alo! Help me to help! We can do the diference in someones life.

Hello everyone,

I need your help to continue my dream of writing and editing books.

I already have a book written and edited by me called “My Blue Cat” released last year 2018.

In the meantime came the idea of ​​launching an audiobook addressing meditation / self-help and knowledge for beginners.

The project is to launch a completely free audiobook, for anyone to have access to, as well as offer in this aspect in the Portuguese language.

Each fundraiser will be sent my first book, mentioned above.

This idea arises from our need for self-awareness today and to overcome less good times in our lives, whether anxiety or depression, everyday stress, it is important to create time for ourselves and find what makes us happy!

An audiobook (free!) For everyone! Help me to help! More and more people are suffering from everyday stress and anxiety, often moving to those closest to them. It becomes difficult to understand and help, living a case very closely in my day to day, I thought of creating something to help. A gesture can and does make a difference in someone's life! This audiobook brings hope to those who need it!

About the author

Ânia Bento, born on March 30, 1988 in Lagos, early on in sports and the arts, her taste for writing appeared at the age of eight.

In 2009 he creates his first blog entitled “The Other Blog” -, where he publishes some texts that he was writing until then during his life course.

In 2018, he publishes his first novel “My Blue Cat”, a book where he mixes fiction with reality, aiming to leave his readers with a positive message about life.

My team is composed of me, a graphic designer who will design the book and a sound technician for studio recordings.

The motivation for this campaign arises because there seems to me to be a gap in this type of offer especially in the Portuguese language.

Depression and anxiety go hand in hand today, and many people suffer from it. Therefore, it can help to help all those who go through difficult times in your life, is priceless.

I need your help launching the audiobook so it is free and easily accessible to everyone.

Thank you!

Budget and due dates

The funds raised will be used to prepare the digital design of the audiobook as well as for studio expenses, technical issues and thus make it possible for this project to be freely accessible to everyone.

The project will be the subject of study, editing, drafting, graphic drawings, etc., the intention will be to start this process in January 2020 with a view to its editing and elaboration during January and February. To launch the audiobook in March 2020.

Starting the campaign on October 15 and ending on December 31, 2019.

Phase 1

Digital elaboration of the cover and format of the audio book;

Recording in the studio.

Level 2

Review / Approval of the final product team;

Final edition and datasheet of the audiobook.

Phase 3

Preparation of rewards;

Sending the respective rewards via Ctt to supporters.

Final phase

Online launch + link to all supporters.

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    Report (exclusive photos and videos)

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    Book + Audiobook Edition Report

    Receive my first autographed book with personalized dedication and all photos and videos from the audiobook edition!

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