How does the application process work?

All the process runs on the site. The project owner creates and submits their project through the online form.
Each project then goes through the following stages:

      Draft - You can edit and complete the basic information at your pace. When ready, you can submit the information.
      Submitted - The PPL team and its specific partners analyse the application and contact the author should there be any questions. The application can be accepted, rejected or sent back to draft. This process can take from a couple of days to a few weeks, depending on the team's availability, project maturity, etc.
      Accepted - The application was reviewed and accepted. You should complete the project information, including a short presentation video and additional photos and documents. When ready, you can request the project publication.
      Pending review - The application is validated by our team and a publishing date is set. If more updates are needed, the application returns to the previous step.
      Active - Yeah! The project is live and ready to receive contributions. Now the most hard-work task begins, promoting the idea and following up with backers!