DOIS PONTOS - The new quarterly magazine for children!

DOIS PONTOS - The new quarterly magazine for children!

Dois Pontos is the new illustrated magazine for curious and creative children, between 7 and 11 years old!

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Dois Pontos is the new illustrated magazine for curious and creative children, between 7 and 11 years old!

Once upon a time there were two friends, a Portuguese publisher and a Polish artist, who met in Lisbon and found that they had had the same great passion in childhood: spending hours reading and flipping through children’s magazines, discovering new facts and curiosities about the world. The most exciting part of it all was when the magazines taught us games, handicrafts or recipes. These two friends are us, and we decided to create an illustrated magazine for Portuguese readers between 7 and 11 years old! 

Enthusiastic about our decision, we started looking into the magazines’ market and very soon we found that the current offer for Portuguese children between 7 and 11 is very poor: the tone of the texts infantilizes readers, and most articles focus more on marketing a product than stimulating children's knowledge and imagination. 
Therefore, we decided to test a different approach with readers of all ages — children, parents and educators — gathering all the suggestions everyone shared with us, quickly becoming very confident about the project! Parents were very interested in the idea of ​​having a magazine to entertain their children without resorting to technology, all while teaching them and suggesting creative activities offline. 
That is how we found our opportunity – it was the time to seize it! 

We want to help children develop their critical thinking, creativity and self-confidence. These are fundamental tools for children’s well-being and development towards becoming happy, conscious and responsible adults. 
In this sense we will stimulate children and help them become aware of themselves and the world around them. We want them to understand the challenges they face in everyday life and the challenges humanity faces; to think for themselves, to have diversified interests and not be afraid to ask questions; to be empathic, open and curious; to be functional both within the digital and the natural worlds; and to let them know that the world is within their reach, for only those who believe they can change the world can really do it!

Secção Como Funciona, escrita por João Berhan e ilustrada por Jaime Ferraz


Inspired by our favourite foreign magazines and all the suggestions — a special thank you to the 3rd and 4th classes of the São José School in Lisbon, which welcomed and advised us! — we defined the sections and format of Dois Pontos: 21 X 26 cm, with 64 pages.

We handpicked our team - invited writers, illustrators and consultants (more informed than us on the topics we want to address in the magazine) who really liked the project and were really excited to join the Dois Pontos team! 

We have already defined the whole structure of our publication, as well as our main short- and medium-term objectives: to partner with schools and libraries across the country so that we can work directly with children, while establishing a strong distribution network all around Portugal, and always keeping in mind our Lusophone readers across borders. 

This is your cue! We really want to know how many of you are interested in this kind of publication for children and if you are willing to help us make our magazine reach as many readers as possible. 
Your support is essential to get us started with this project, either through direct contributions or by supporting us by spreading this campaign among your friends, colleagues and family. We are counting on you! 

About the author

Sara Szerszunowicz has studied and works with heritage management, therefore being placed in the intersection of art, history and technology in a career that has passed through Poland, Scotland, Italy and Portugal. She also has considerable training and experience as a painter, sculptor and illustrator, being profoundly passionate for aesthetics in all its aspects! 

Ana Lorena Ramalho has been the editorial coordinator of the Orfeu Mini Children's Picture Book Collection (within Orfeu Negro editions), publishing and promoting children's and youth literature with Portuguese readers since 2009. Prior to that she graduated in Philosophy and believes all these things have much more in common than one would think. 


Budget and due dates

€2269,37 - Printing 1000 copies of the magazine
€230,63 - PPL Crowdfunding platform commission (5% + tax) + payment commission (2,5% + tax) 

November 30th 2019 - End of crowdfunding campaign;
Until December 15th 2019 - Magazine's final files for the printer;
January 2020 - Release of Dois Pontos' first issue; expedition of magazines and gifts to everyone who contributed to the crowdfunding.

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Obrigada pelo vosso apoio! Agora vamos fazer ainda mais :)

Muito obrigada a quem nos tem apoiado! Dado o vosso interesse e apoio, vamos propor-nos a melhorar a nossa oferta :) Mais novidades no nosso novo vídeo:

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Estamos muito contentes: o jornal Público deu um grande destaque à nossa campanha no seu separador online P3. Sigam o link para saberem um pouco mais sobre este projeto: https:/...

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