Let's take the double decker to line 78

Let's take the double decker to line 78

The 78 was an iconic transport line in Porto with many memories made onboard the historic double-decker buses. CVC has one such bus that has been parked for many years and we wa...

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The 78 was an iconic transport line in Porto with many memories made onboard the historic double-decker buses. CVC has one such bus that has been parked for many years and we want to recover it so that it can once again travel down the paths and memory of the 78.

The 78 was an iconic transport line in the city of Porto that joined two opposing ends - São João Hospital and Castelo do Queijo - crossing through the heart of the city and the downtown area. For 32 years it transported generations on leisure and work trips and there are countless stories to be told.

Over the Christmas weekend, Porto Canal revisited this line and spoke with six guests while on a journey through time using a Volvo B58 bus, one of the single-floor vehicles that once ran on the 78 and practically in every line throughout the city.

However, it's in the memories of people that double-decker buses, the 78 and, "andar à guna" live and we therefore want to take it out of memory and bring all of it back to life.

The Clube owns one of these buses that has been idle for many years and, therefore, needs work at a mechanical and bodywork level that we want to carry out so that the historic double-decker Leyland bus can once again travel the paths of the 78. We look forward to having you on the journey!

O 78 na versão laranja em pleno centro do Porto, nos anos 80. Fotos (C) Mike Rhodes

About the author

Clube Viação Clássica was born in 2014 with the aim of preserving and spreading the memory associated with collective passenger transport, through a living museum, by collecting, recovering and bringing historic buses back to the public.

They currently own six historic buses representing the 60s to 80s, of which 3 are fully recovered and functional.

One of the vehicles that is part of the fleet is a Leyland Atlantean born in 1967, one of the icons of mobility in the city of Porto with its two floors and almost 100 seats, which awaits financial availability in order to run again.

Abastecer gasóleo ou água na Praça Cidade São Salvador era algo que fazia parte de algumas viagens no 78 e com passageiros. Foto (C) Cristopher Leach

Budget and due dates

The support that the Club needs to carry out the intervention is €7,500, which is divided into:

  • €310 - Disclosure
  • €690 - Crowdfunding Fees
  • 2500€ - Mechanical, electrical and braking system overhaul
  • 4000€ - Repair of sheet metal and Painting

As this vehicle is more than half a century old, and with mechanical components that have been discontinued for over 30 years, the entire recovery process is delicate. However, the objective is to carry out the maiden voyage on the occasion of its 56th anniversary, which takes place in August 2023.

february'23 - Voting reserved for sponsors to choose the color of the bus (Green or Orange options)

march to july'23 - Functional and aesthetic recovery of the bus with mechanical intervention, interior recovery and painting

August'23 - Official presentation to sponsors on the occasion of the vehicle's 56th anniversary, with demonstration trip and dinner

august'23 - Inaugural journey between Hospital de São João and Castelo do Queijo, traveling on the extinct line 78.

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  • Rui Pinto

    Poucos aventurariam-se por

    Poucos aventurariam-se por este mundo nestas atividades
    É de louvar o empenho, dedicação e vontade.
    É importante preservar o que já proporcionou momentos a cada um de nós.

    Quantos de nós vamos de autocarro para a escola, trabalhar ou simplesmente ir ao encontro da namorada.

    Muito mais que um veiculo é todos os momentos que ultrapassamos e é neste veiculo que está muita história da cidade do Porto.
    Quantos kms foram percorridos ao servir a população,
    Tudo isto é importante.

    Obrigado pela preservação

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  • Nuno Neves

    Muitos parabéns pela coragem

    Muitos parabéns pela coragem de fazer algo diferente em Portugal. Perpétua a nossa memória colectiva salvando esta preciosidade. Não vejo a hora de lhe deitar as unhas.

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