Together with Tiago - For a better Life.
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Together with Tiago - For a better Life.

Tiago Costa is 31 years old and has always been a cheerful, fun and nature lover! Unfortunately, life changed his plans, and he was diagnosed with Leukemia (February 2015). Sinc...

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Tiago Costa is 31 years old and has always been a cheerful, fun and nature lover! Unfortunately, life changed his plans, and he was diagnosed with Leukemia (February 2015). Since that day, that Tiago's life has changed.

Tiago Costa, 31, lives in Leiria with his mother and younger brother. He was always a cheerful, fun and nature lover! He lived life to the fullest, among family, friends, the Tuna of the University, the beach, surfing, climbing ... Tiago did not stop, and he was happy. Unfortunately, life changed her laps and he was diagnosed with Leukemia (February 2015). Since that day, that James' life has changed. For a year he fought against the disease, between chemotherapy and strong medications, he ended up doing the bone marrow transplant and, in a way, defeating Leukemia. The cancer went away, but it took with him the strength, the joy, the patience, the smile of the Tiago. He left us a sad  Tiago, weak and still very sick. Still with many needs, many stays in the IPO, much need of support from a mother who fights with the child from the first day. A mother who is alone and has another child, and whose job does not give her enough stability for all the costs a patient like James demands. We have tried hard to help this family survive the disease and the expenses it brings.
Our help can not be here, the needs of this family still exist, and we want to give James a stable and quiet life, so that he can recover as soon as possible and return to being James that we have known all his life, or at least very close to that.

The Present of James (2018):
In September 2017 we received the news that nobody wanted to hear, Tiago entered into coma induced by extensive bilateral pneumonia. Days passed and Tiago did not wake up. When the worst was expected, and after 33 days in a coma, James woke up!
We knew, however, that Tiago's body was fragile, and his recovery would be yet another difficult struggle. Immediately we realized that we could not let him go down again. The option was to put him in a clinical center where his recovery was accompanied in the best way, with physiotherapy and other important care that he could never have at home. Despite the initial improvements, the crises continued, the hospitalizations also, the relapses did not stop. It has been a snowball, Tiago recovers, has a relapse, starts from scratch again .... The family is worn out, it's a brutal weariness!
We want to give Tiago the opportunity to have the best care, the best possible recovery, the opportunity to be followed in the best way. To give Tiago more power to live, from therapies to psychological accompaniment, to what he is entitled to, after 3 years of suffering and an intense struggle unimaginable.
We therefore ask for your help in another crowdfunding so that we can enable the best treatments for Tiago, and for his body to recover once and for all, and to live in peace and without any more worries than those that are already forced.

Num dos internamentos.

About the author

Tiago is known by "Mérito". And we are #SomosTodosMérito.
We're a group of close friends and family, and we've been fighting on his side, and do anything to help him.
In addition to his friends and family, Tiago already has many followers who have accompanied him on this long walk, and who have joined us to support him.
It has been incredible the help of all, and it has helped a lot in the recovery of Tiago, and so we are counting on to continue. We count on the help of all to be able to provide to Tiago a stable life ;)

Tiago antes da doença.

Budget and due dates

The money we want to raise is to help Tiago be calm in his day-to-day life in terms of normal expenses and extra expenses associated with his illness and recovery. In order to be understood by all, what you are contributing to, we list below the main points:

PHYSIOTHERAPY: At this moment Tiago is in the unit of continued care of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia in the Hospital D. Manuel de Aguiar. The monthly payment depended on his income. However in February he lost his right to retire and since then he has no income. Tiago will have to attend Physiotherapy for a long time, which may have to be paid for himself.

HYDROTHERAPY: Possible future, to help recover from Split ribs. It can not be done in public swimming pools which makes treatment expensive.

QUALITY OF LIFE: All usual expenses associated with all of us. Tiago's adds with the kind of food that is needed, which always goes for more expensive products. In addition, in winter, also add the values ​​by heating the house that is required.

HEALTH EXPENSES: Relative to medication, about 200€ per month. In addition, it also supports some trips to Porto for exams that sometimes do not have the right to an ambulance. These trips always force expenses such as food and possible stays on the part of the mother.

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    We have no other way to contribute but a smile from Tiago, who is very grateful for everything we have done for him.

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