Raminhos turns 44, but the gift is for?????
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Raminhos turns 44, but the gift is for?????

There are no two without three! If you like me, my work and have this opportunity, here is a good gift! Support three institutions that work for mental health!

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  • This campaign started on 26/06/2024 and is raising funds until 26/07/2024 - 18:00 WET.

There are no two without three! If you like me, my work and have this opportunity, here is a good gift! Support three institutions that work for mental health!

It's already become habit. It's my birthday, but I always launch crowdfunding to support those who need it most! This year we are on the threshold of six thousand euros to distribute for causes related to mental health. As you already know me, you know very well that there are no tricks or compromises here. Once the money is raised, it goes directly to:

- Manicómio - a space that aims to demystify mental health, support artists who fight against mental illness and which offers consultations at reduced prices.

- OCD Portuguese Foundation- Portuguese Association of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder that seeks to support people dealing with the topic, help find specialized professionals, develop opportunities for hospitalization and social reintegration and support for research.

- A third association to be announced

If the value is exceeded, these institutions or even others that can join the party benefit more!


    About the author

    António Raminhos was born in 1980 (a leap year, which started on a Tuesday and ended on a Wednesday), much to the unhappiness of his parents. That same year, Sporting was national champion and José Cid won the Festival da Canção. There are those who say, however, that the birth of little António constituted a form of divine compensation for the losses, that same year, of geniuses such as Jean-Paul Sartre, Alfred Hitchcock, Vinicius de Moraes or John Lennon. After 37 years, this theory remains unproven.
    Professionally, he started very badly, aspiring to poverty, given that he was a journalist (at the newspaper A Capital and RTP). When he found himself unemployed, he decided to try humor. He took to the stage for the first time in 2006 and, who knows why, people liked it. Since then, he has never stopped trying to be funny. He was a columnist for Maxmen, became famous on television programs such as 5 to Midnight or Dancing with the Stars and created a highly successful talk show on the Internet, entitled Bathtub of Vanities. Recently, he became one of the voices of RFM's Café da Manhã, under the heading "As Marias". The show with the same name sold out theaters across the country and now the book of the same name appears, which is truly spectacular. Despite all these more or less impressive achievements, the best thing he did in life was winning his wife, Catarina, and with her he conceived – reportedly – his beautiful three marias: Maria Rita, Maria Inês and Maria Leonor.

    O bigodes

    Budget and due dates

    The amount raised will be delivered directly to the three causes equally. If the value is exceeded, there are other associations that can be helped, particularly here in Ericeira.

    The distribution of the amount will be made in the week following the end of the campaign.

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    • Anonymous

      20/07/2024 - 00:35

      parabéns! é uma bela iniciativa.

    • Anonymous

      18/07/2024 - 12:15

      Muitos Parabéns! Obrigada pela iniciativa

    • Anonymous

      17/07/2024 - 20:55

    • Anonymous

      17/07/2024 - 19:18


    • Anonymous

      17/07/2024 - 11:01

    • Natália Macedo

      17/07/2024 - 10:41

    • Helena Borges

      17/07/2024 - 09:34

      Parabéns Raminhos pelo aniversário e por usares inteligentemente a tua visibilidade para fazer a diferença

    • Anonymous

      17/07/2024 - 08:58

    • Nádia Perdigão

      17/07/2024 - 08:22

    • Joana Pinho

      17/07/2024 - 00:10

      Parabéns pela iniciativa!

    • Anonymous

      16/07/2024 - 23:59

    • Anonymous

      16/07/2024 - 20:28

      Go Raminhos

    • Cláudia Vasconcelos

      16/07/2024 - 20:23

    • Diana Ferreira

      16/07/2024 - 19:36

    • Mónica Correia

      16/07/2024 - 18:59

      Parabéns Raminhos!

    • Catarina Almeida

      16/07/2024 - 17:50

      Catarina Almeida

    • Anonymous

      16/07/2024 - 17:47

    • Anonymous

      16/07/2024 - 15:41

    • Anonymous

      16/07/2024 - 15:29

    • Gracinda Gonçalves

      14/07/2024 - 10:34

      Parabéns, Boa iniciativa