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What if it was my school?

What if my school didn't have walls, lights or computers? The Quinta da Fonte da Prata Palacete needs rehabilitation works to receive young people and families who need educatio...

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What if my school didn't have walls, lights or computers? The Quinta da Fonte da Prata Palacete needs rehabilitation works to receive young people and families who need educational and training support.

This campaign aims to raise €10,000 to support the financing of the rehabilitation works of the Pavilions/Warehouses of the Palacete of Quinta da Fonte da Prata. Here, school activities will continue to be developed with the children of the neighborhood (Classrooms, Music, Arts and Computers, Multipurpose Hall, Covered Gymnasium and changing rooms). It is a partnership between Colégio Pedro Arrupe and Fundação Santa Rafaela Maria .

The municipality of Moita, where the Foundation is based, is home to more than 10,000 children and young people, of which about a thousand live in the Quinta da Fonte da Prata neighborhood in families that face various difficulties daily. An increasing number of families, inside and outside the neighborhood, are seeking the Foundation's support, but the capacity to respond is strongly conditioned by the space available.

The objective is that the Palacete can be the new home of the Santa Rafaela Maria Foundation and, in addition to opening the doors to the children of Fonte da Prata, it allows to continue to support families in an integrated way and to welcome more and more people from the region. The Palacete makes it possible to triple the Foundation's space to receive families, leave the center of the neighborhood, and offer an integrated response.

The restoration of the Palacete foresees the adaptation of the spaces to the programs offered by the Foundation and facilitates the opening to the community from outside the neighborhood. The year 2020 was marked by the beginning of these works, however there is still a long way to go before this house is ready to welcome the many people that the Foundation receives.

The opening of the Palacete in 2023 depends on a large investment and that is where the college can help make a difference!

About the author

The Santa Rafaela Maria Foundation takes on the social projects that the Congregation of Escravas do Sagrado Coração de Jesus currently develops – some since 1992 – in the Quinta da Fonte da Prata neighborhood – Alhos Vedros, namely in the following areas:

  1. School dropout prevention through the TASSE project, since 2004. Currently this project supports around 70 children/young people (7-18) with great learning difficulties and coming from very needy families and unstructured environments;
  2. Protection of children and young people, work developed in conjunction with the CPCJ, collaborating in the celebration of cooperation agreements with minors at risk;
  3. Course for insertion into active life and training in a work context for young people/adults (18 – 24 years old) who have dropped out of school;
  4. Parental training within the scope of support and follow-up to the Family, through courses for Parents/E. Education;
  5. Promotion and Coordination of the Local Support Center for the Integration of Immigrants in the same neighbourhood;
  6. Social and economic support to families in situations of vulnerability;
  7. Promotion and Monitoring of Youth Volunteer Groups.

Budget and due dates

The campaign will run for six weeks, starting on March 4th and ending on April 18th.

We are asking for €10,000 to finance part of the rehabilitation works of the Quinta da Fonte da Prata Palace (Classrooms, Music, Arts and Computers, Multipurpose Hall, Covered Gym and changing rooms).

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