All aboard for the first eatery with Eritrean food in Lisbon!
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All aboard for the first eatery with Eritrean food in Lisbon!

Marhaba is a social innovation project for refugees and asylum seekers who wish for real inclusion in the community of Lisbon.

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Marhaba is a social innovation project for refugees and asylum seekers who wish for real inclusion in the community of Lisbon.

Marhaba (“welcome” in Arabic) is a socio-cultural project that was established two years ago and, since then, has served hundreds of meals via its catering service and events production. Marhaba is a social entrepreneurship project whose mission is to integrate refugees and asylum seekers in an efficient, effective, and sustainable way with training programs and employment opportunities.

We open the door to faraway cultures which bring rituals, ceremonies and moments of unity in our community. We create delicious and nutritious food, homemade using traditional and artisanal techniques. Our seasonal ingredients come from local suppliers to ensure a minimal carbon footprint.

And now all this is coming closer to you! We will open the very first open kitchen in Lisbon with an Eritrean / Ethiopian menu, along with others flavours from the Middle East. An eco-friendly eatery in Benfica Market where we care for the environment. We will practice innovative stategies, such as short food supply chains, which create a positive impact in the local community.

Your help in this campaign will facilitate the construction work of our new space. This way we can start a business which provides stable employment for migrants and refugees.

Almoço da Eritreia com Injera, Shiro e Alicha

About the author

CRESCER - Community Intervention NGO, established in 2001 - helps vulnerable people by means of promoting good health, risk reduction and social inclusion in the community of Lisbon. The institution has developped Outreach Teams, a Drop-In centre, a Housing First program, Psychiatry, Professional Training and Employment directed at homeless people, those who use psychoactive substances and refugees.

Since 2016, CRESCER has been developing the É UMA VIDA project (as part of the Council's Refugee Welcoming Program in Lisbon), and has accompanied approximately 155 refugees who arrived in Lisbon with the European Relocation Program, responsible for accompanying the beneficiaries in the process of their integration into the Portuguese society.

É UM RESTAURANTE is CRESCER's latest project which facilitates social reintegration for homeless people through professional training and employment in a restaurant. Our knowhow from this project will help make Marhaba a lasting project, for the years to come.

A cerimónia de café Eritreia do Marhaba

Budget and due dates

Your generous contribution will help us raise the funds neccessary for the construction work in our new space. The total amount required is € 25,000 as well as € 15,000 for the kitchen equipment (for which we received the 2018 Continente Mission Donation).

If all goes well with this campaign, we hope to start the building work in January 2020, which means we can launch next spring. 

The rewards from this campaign will be delivered after the opening of our kitchen.

Local 18 A, Mercado de Benfica

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    Special thanks and a mention on our website

    We believe that every little helps. You will receive a personalized message from our team and an acknowledgement on Marhaba's website.

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    Hembesha Bread

    Our handmade Hembesha bread is typical of Eritrea and perfect for breakfast or as a side to your meals. We invite you to come and meet our team once we launch the venue, and you will receive your bread.

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    Marhaba Recipe E-book

    Would you like to prepare our recipes at home? Get our exclusive e-book here with authentic recipes from Syria and Eritrea. The e-book will be in PDF format, sent by e-mail.

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    Artisan Bread Workshop

    Would you like to learn how to make our wonderful, fluffy breads? Join our bread workshop hosted by our lovely cooks Wedasy and Izdehar. (Max. 10 people) We will set the dates of the workshops once the venue is open.

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    Workshop + Middle Eastern Lunch

    Middle Eastern cooking workshop with a delicious lunch? You no longer have to leave Lisbon to learn about this wonderful cuisine. Baba ganoush, Kibbeh and Moussaka are some of the dishes you will learn how to cook. Can we count on your presence? We will set the dates of the workshops once the venue is open.

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    City Transport Pass

    A transport pass makes a lot of difference to our employees and mobility is essential for their integration and well-being. With this reward you will be supporting the transportation of one of our team members for three months.

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    Intensive Portuguese Language Course

    Learning the Portuguese language is fundamental for the integration of people who arrive in Lisbon and it isn't easy! With this reward we can provide 20 hours of classes to 15 people.

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    Your own private event

    Marhaba is available for your tailor-made event for every type of celebration. A banquet in your home? Your grandfather's 74th birthday? We take care of the details so you can enjoy to fullest. Up to 20 people. Let's get to it?

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    Boa sorte!

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    Muito sucesso para essa cozinha renovada

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    Tenho a certeza de que será um espaço incrível! Força nisso!

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    A comida é fantástica e Benfica agradece o privilégio de receber esta iniciativa !

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