Help for FlyingCats and Mafalda
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Help for FlyingCats and Mafalda

Mafalda and the FlyingCats need everyones help! Mafalda needs medication to be able to live and we have to pay off debts to continue taking care of them.

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Mafalda and the FlyingCats need everyones help! Mafalda needs medication to be able to live and we have to pay off debts to continue taking care of them.

Dear followers, the year ended sad and in debt.
This one that just begun is not starting in the best way …
Bad news, many sick kittens, some rescues and many overdue bills.
At the moment we owe at least 2500 in vet clinics which means the doors are closed and we cannot increase the bills where we owe less, to fill one hole by digging another.
Contrary to what is said, to this day we have not received any support from the government, we have always survived on limited resources from the generosity of third parties and solidarity sales alone!
At the moment we have already refused to help several kittens, but we are unable to face all the bills.

We have to do tooth removal on at least to 4 cats, Stevie will have to have eye enucleation, we have to sterilize 5 females, several cats are on daily medication, vaccines, deworming, Frosty has had a prolapse again, something the vet had already said which would be the most likely and the icing on the cake… a cat with FIP!

The owner of this kitten did not want to undergo the treatment even though she was given every opportunity to make payments, so she chose to give the animal away so that we could try to save her life.
She is only 6 months old, already shows signs of neurological damage, does not move his back, has apathy typical of those who suffer, nystagmus and has been in the clinic for 28 days waiting for a miracle.
If cats aren't synonymous with resilience, I don't know what is.
Six months of life, of hope and strength, that left us wanting to fight for her.

About the author

Mafalda is in charge of FlyingCats, a "joke" that started 10 years ago and is now a legally constituted organization that operates in São Miguel, Azores.

We mostly save kittens, but we already have chickens, dogs and rabbits rescued from complicated situations.

We are small, but full of desire to help.

16 years have been passed dedicated to this cause, hundreds of animals collected, treated and given up for adoption. Help us continue please.

Budget and due dates

There are €2500 in debts at the clinics, of which we already have a closed door and rightly so... €600 at least just for Mafalda's medication, apart from consultations, exams and analyses.

We didn't count food, medication or anything else, because we would be very happy if we managed to reset the accounts and save Mafalda.

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