All Together for Ukraine
Ajuda Ucrânia

All Together for Ukraine

Humanitarian response to welcome and care for refugees from the War in Ukraine.

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Humanitarian response to welcome and care for refugees from the War in Ukraine.

This campaign aims to respond to the humanitarian call to help refugees of war. Our delegation leaves this Thursday, March 3, from Portugal, will send a van with supplies and volunteers to prepare a campaign tent on the border between Poland and Ukraine. We will coordinate the reception and personalized delivery of various goods, welcome and care for all those who need it most with food, comfort, medical support and psychological support. On their return, it is intended to bring to Portugal, in a concerted action with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, some families.

About the author

The MJAC Association was founded in 2003 by a group of young Catholics led by Nuno André. Its objective is to train young people, enhancing the spirit of leadership, preparing them for humanistic actions in the different solidarity, artistic, sporting and cultural aspects. The association promotes national meetings and promotes volunteering activities at national and international level. It intends to be an effective response in the preparation and construction of a more fraternal, free and tolerant world.

Budget and due dates


  • One way trip between March 3rd to 6th.
  • Field mission from March 6th to 17th.
  • Return trip between March 17th and 20th.

Note: This information depends on terrain conditions and circumstances.


  • Travel (tolls and fuel): 1150 euros
  • Logistics (gas, batteries, generator, tarpaulins, etc): 450 euros
  • Food and medicine booster: 500 euros
  • Transport maintenance: 350 euros
  • Total Budget: 2 450 euros

Note: In the event that the amount provided for in the fundraiser is exceeded, we will apply this amount to the purchase of groceries in Poland.



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