Help for José António's house
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Help for José António's house

Provide security for this family through the construction of walls, fences, gates, roofs and walls

Provide security for this family through the construction of walls, fences, gates, roofs and walls

José António is a childhood friend of the promoter. He lives with his 3 children and 12 grandchildren in a space he inherited, currently with three contiguous backyards (areas and project in the attached photographs). He also has another daughter and 7 grandchildren in a rented house without proper living conditions. This family of around 30 people is characterized by strong unity among its members, great humility, joy and above all, deep gratitude.

Vítor Pereira, the promoter, born in the same neighborhood, returned to his homeland 38 years after his forced departure to Portugal, and without much hope of seeing his friends again, he finds his best childhood friend, practically a brother, unfortunately invalid due to illness contracted in the 27-year civil war.
Seeing José António's situation and moved by compassion, the promoter began a process of help and support to this day through several visits to this family, guiding and giving strength and support to the development of the farms' structures.

This aid process initially consisted of building walls to protect the family from the constant robberies that occur in the area, but due to the family's financial difficulties, the walls were built with less resistant materials such as adobo and clay, which were easily destroyed by rain and bad weather.

It became necessary to develop a protection project that could, on a permanent basis, provide the security and peace that they deserve. After each attack by the robbers and due to their physical and financial difficulties, the family has increasingly suffered and experienced great difficulties.

The project aims to expand the backyard to accommodate the daughter and grandchildren who do not yet live in this space, reinforce the protection of the backyards by erecting block and cement walls, building gates and reinforcing roofs and windows.

We appeal for your understanding, compassion and support in relation to this project as without you it will certainly be impossible. Despite the goodwill of family members who may still have some capacity, as well as the promoter's willingness to donate their time and knowledge to help, to encourage and participate as workers, without the appropriate construction materials the project becomes inconceivable.

Be part of this cause, and see the difference your contribution will make to the quality of life and happiness of this magnificent family!

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About the author

Vitor Pereira, with experience and competence in the areas of construction, metalwork, plumbing and electricity.
Having been born in Huambo, since I forcibly came to Portugal at the age of 22, I have returned to Huambo several times to see these families that I consider to be family by blood.
Sharing their situation and having the experience and time to help, I feel a responsibility to do everything in my power to protect this family. I live in Viseu, I have time and enthusiasm, I'm just looking for ways to help a large family in need in a more substantial way.

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Budget and due dates

Proposal to begin work on June 15th and end on August 15th, 2024.

Estimation of construction stages:
Muros - 15 June to 13 July
Gates and reinforcement of existing gates - 13 July to 3 August
Barbed wire reinforcement / window reinforcement - August 3 to August 15


Purchase space - 1600€
Blocks, sand, cement and iron - 2500€
Gates - 1200€
Barbed wire and railing - 1000€
Subtotal - 6300€ + PPL commission around 700€ = 7000€

The labor will be donated by family members as well as the promoter.

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    O mundo podia ser um lugar extraordinário para todos se o nosso olhar voasse longe. Voasse até ao outro. Obrigada.

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    Eu conheço o promotor e admiro-o por dar tudo o que pode, de todo o coração, para ajudar estas famílias. Espero mesmo que consigam o objetivo!

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